Treasure Chest Thursday – Newly Married Sabrina S (Shackford) Lanfair Runs Away (Blog 344)

Sabrina S Shackford, the daughter of Samuel and Susanna (Hobbs) Shackford married Edwin A Lanfair in Guilford, Vermont on Dec 14, 1843.  As mentioned in an earlier blog, we’re not sure why the couple who were from Deerfield and Greenfield married in Vermont — perhaps it was because she was only seventeen years old and he was 32.

Apparently Sabrina did not like her married life with Edwin because he posted this announcement in the newspaper only three weeks after their marriage:

Edwin Lanfair announces he will pay no debts on behalf of Sabrina NOTICE, The Franklin Democrat (Greenfield, Massachusetts), 23 January 1844

Whereas Sabrina S. my wife, has
left my bed and board, without any
reasonable excuse. This is to forbid all
persons from trusting her on my account as
I shall pay no debts of her contracting after
this date. EDWIN LANFAIR
Deerfield, Jan. 6, 1844

The couple did reconcile and had six children.

We’re currently in Deerfield, Massachusetts where we spent a few hours earlier today researching Sabrina Shackford Lanfair at the wonderful Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association Library which has extremely helpful staff who shared their excellent understanding of the region!   We’ll be back their tomorrow to learn more about their newspaper collection.   We didn’t find this article at the library — had a bit of extra end of the month GB on the phone so spent it online searching the newspapers at Fulton History.

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


“NOTICE,” The Franklin Democrat (Greenfield, Massachusetts), 23 January 1844; digital images, Fulton History ( : accessed 9 June 2016).

Copyright 2018 Joanne Shackford Parkes  (sharing a link to this post is appreciated but please do not just copy this material and paste it elsewhere) (Updated 10/8/18 as we now know she was Samuel’s daughter)

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