Wedding Wednesday – Marshall Frank Shackford Marries Bernice Evangaline Norton Sept 8, 1908 (Blog 355)

Marriage Marshall Shackford Bernice Norton WEDDED NORTON-SHACKFORD, The Springvale Advocate (Springvale, Maine), 18 September 1908A quiet wedding took place at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. John G.
Norton, Buxton, Me. Sept, 8,
1908, at 10.30 a.m. Rev. I. J.
Merry pastor of the Congregational
church of Groveville officiated.
The contracting parties were Miss
Bernice Evangeline Norton of Bux-
ton and Mr Marshall Franklin
Shackford of White Rock, Me. The
bride wore a dress of Amber silk
with garniture creame lace and carri
ed a bouquet of roses and carna-
tions. She was given away by her
father, Mr. John Gage Norton, the
double ring service being used. The
bridesmaid Miss Agnes Hill was very
prettily attired.
The wedding dinner was served
at the home of the bride’s parents,
which was very attractively decorat-
ed, after which the happy couple at
once departed for a wedding trip to
Niagra Falls and other resorts.
The bride wore a traveling suit of
“Alice Blue.” Upon their return
they will take up their residence
with the bride’s parents where they
have rooms finely furnished. Among
the furnishing much admired were
a splendid mahogany chamber set,
two ancient mirrors, one being
of a ancient landscape hand
painted design, two mahogany
standard center tables and a very
fine, tall maple chiffonier. This an-
cient furniture is no doubt 150 years
old. Prominent amonst the many
wedding presents was a large, fine
landscape view presented by the
bride’s Sunday school teacher and
class of the Congregational church
of Groverville. The following cards
were issued:
Mr. and Mrs. John Gage Norton
announce the marriage
of their daughter
Bernice Evangeline
Mr. Marshall F. Shackford
Tuesday a. m. Sept. 8, 1908.


Marshall Frank Shackford was the son of Robert F and Caroline (Usher) Shackford, born in Gorham, Maine on October 29, 1883.  He and Bernice had one daughter Louise Josephine Shackford born in 1911 and Bernice unfortunately died of uremia while pregnant on October 10, 1916.


Louise Josephine Shackford (1911-1991) – married Chester Hope Stamps

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“WEDDED NORTON-SHACKFORD,” The Springvale Advocate (Springvale, Maine), 18 September 1908; digital images, ( : accessed 23 August 2016)

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