Treasure Chest Thursday – Eliza Ann Shackford’s Probate Records Tell Us that she Died in 1899 Without a Will Leaving a Sister, a Brother, and a $2500 Estate (Blog 392)

The initial probate records for Eliza Ann Shackford of Eastport, Maine were filed on Feb 28, 1899.  They tell us that she died Feb 17, 1899 without a will, had real estate valued over $20, that she had two living siblings:  Matilda S. Paine of Eastport and William Shackford of New York, and that Matilda requested that the court appoint Charles A Paine as the administrator.  Matilda was 73 years old and a widow at the time of her sister’s death and we believe that Charles was her son.

To the Honorable, the Judge of the Probate Court, in and for the County of Washington;
RESPECTFULLY REPRESENTS Matilda S Paine of Eastport, in said County, that Eliza Ann Shackford who last dwelt in Eastport in said County, died on the 17th day of February A.D., 1899 intestate; that she left estate to be administered, to wit:-personal estate to the amount of at least twenty dollars: Real Estate.
that your petitioner interested in said estate as sister that the said deceased left no widow, whose name is —– and as her only heirs-at-law and next of kin, the persons whose names, residences and relationship to the deceased are as follows:-
Matilda S. Paine Eastport Sister
William Shackford New York Brother

WHEREFORE, your petitioner prays that Charles A Paine, of Eastport, in the County of Washington or some other suitable person be appointed administrator of the estate of said deceased and certifies that the statements herein contained are true to the best of her knowledge and belief.
Dated this twenty eight day of February A. D. 1899
Matilda S. Paine
Subscribed and sworn to this twenty-eighth day of February A.D. 1899
Before me, Samuel D. Leavitt, Justice of the Peace.

The documents on the next two pages tell us that Charles A Paine was approved as the administrator and outline the duties he accepted.  However it appears that he did not meet the timeframes required regarding filing the inventory as it was not until May 10, 1900, two days after William Shackford died that he filed the inventory of Eliza Ann Shackford’s estate.  The estate was valued at $2518.50 made up of Real Estate valued at   $1,500.00, Goods and Chattels valued at $964.00, Rights and Credits valued at $54.00.

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Maine, Washington County, Probate Case Files, Eliza Ann Shackford; “Maine, Washington County Courthouse Records, 1795-1950,” digital images, FamilySearch ( accessed 8 December 2016); >Probate Records>Probate records, 1897-1900, v. 44 pt. 1 >page 265-7>Image 292-4 of 427

Maine, Washington County, Probate Case Files, Eliza Ann Shackford; “Maine, Washington County Courthouse Records, 1795-1950,” digital images, FamilySearch ( accessed 8 December 2016); >Probate records>Probate records, 1897-1907, v. 42 pt. 1>(Page 145)> Image 173 of 418.

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