Charles W M Shackford’s Songs, an 1895 Article from the Indianapolis Journal (Blog 418)

We found this article while looking through Indianapolis newspapers for references of Shackfords.  We’ve written previously about Charles Shackford but appreciate an 1895 newspaper article that describes his singing and writing skills.  Also this is the first time we’ve heard about Charles’ poetry skills.  We’ll see if we can find a good copy of Love You More and More and Sunlight in the Shadows to share – we know we  haven’t found any sheet music for Granpa’s Story yet but will keep looking.  Also this article is the first reference to My Star My Queen which we’ll add to our listing all of Charles’ music.

Charles Shackford's Songs., Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 8 August 1895There has been a musical genius at Wild-
wood ever since the summer opera company
came to Indianapolis and the people are
just beginning to find it out. It is the lead-
ing baritone, Mr. Charles Shackford, who
was almost unable to sing for the first two
weeks on account of a severe cold con-
tracted in Peoria. Since Mr. Shackford got
rid of his throat trouble he has been ad-
vancing rapidly in the favor of those who
can appreciate a good voice. Mr. Shackford
is both a song writer and a poet of no
mean ability, although he never likes to
have the poet business spoken of in his
presence. He has written a number of songs
that are selling rapidly and, in fact, he
might retire from the operatic business and
live on his royalties were it not
for the fact that he has been in
it for so long that he is at home no-
where except behind the footlights. Dur-
ing the week of “Mascot” at Wildwood he
sang his latest song for the first time on
any stage, and it promises to become a
rage. It is a simple little ballad called ”
Love You More and More,” and nearly 300
copies have already been sold in Indianpo-
lis. Mr. Shackford’s most famous song is
“My Star, My Queen,” which he never sings
except as a serenade in “Fra Daivolo.” It
was his first song and has always been in
manuscript until his coming to In-
dianapolis, when he finally yielded to the
eloquence of his publishers and gave it to
the world. Had the present company con-
tined here until next week Mr. Shackford
would have sung the serenade. Two of his
best-known outside of the ones mentioned
are “Sunlight and Shadows.” and “Grand-
pa’s Story,” the latter having a very pretty
refrain in waltz time.

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“Charles Shackford’s Songs.,” Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 8 August 1895; digital, Hoosier State Chronicles ( : accessed 26 August 2016).

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