Tuesday Tips – Searching for Shackfords in Newspapers (Blog 429)

Newspaper articles about Shackfords re precious because the describe details of their lives, mention family members, include obituaries and often tell us facts that aren’t available in vital documents, census records, or other formal documents.  It isn’t always easy to find articles but as Ken Marks explains in his recent blog about finding more ancestors in newspapers using OCR scanning, alternative spellings can help us find more articles of the people we are searching.  Here’s the results showing new articles found using his methodology as we search for variations of the spelling of Shackford in Chronicling America.

VARIATIONS OF SHACKFORD Results  in Chronicling America
Shackford 2949 Shackfords
Sbackford 316 Shackfords
Shaekford 166 Shackfords
Snackford 26 Shackfords
Sbaekford 27 Shackfords
8hackford 27 Highlights numbers, not names but articles containing Shackford are present
Shackf0rd 2 Shackfords
Snaekford 2 Shackfords
Sbackf0rd 0
Snackf0rd 0
sbaekf0rd 0
snaekf0rd 0
5hackford 1 Highlights numbers, not names but articles containing Shackford are present
Sha|<ford 49 Shackelford and Shacklefords
Sba|<ford 25 Variations of Ford, not Shackfords
Sna|<ford 66 not Shackford’s

We’ve verifies that Ken Mark’s spelling variations work to help find many more articles and will be trying the alternative spellings that find more names as we continue searching for stories about Shackfords in other newspapers.

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at http://www.facebook.com/shackfordgenealogy) as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!

Copyright 2017 Joanne Shackford Parkes  (sharing a link to this post is appreciated but please do not just copy this material and paste it elsewhere)


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