Shopping Saturday – Diary of Joseph Wesley Shackford – Available on ebay (Blog 447)

Diary of Joseph Wesley Shackford On Sale at e-BayThe book, Diary of Joseph Wesley Shackford is being sold on ebay – we’d be normally be interested in this book but already have a copy.

Here’s our summary of this wonderful book:

In 1868, Joseph Wesley Shackford, who had grown up in Virginia during the Civil War, was sent to New England at age 20 to meet his New England relatives. He had grown up in the South because his father, John William Shackford had moved from New Hampshire to Virginia to pursue the ministry, leaving nine siblings in New England. Fortunately, Joseph described the relatives he encountered on this trip in his diary documenting his relationships to those individuals and in some cases how, “love for his fallen country” is stirred during conversations with family.

After Joseph returns home from his trip, he describes his life in exceptional detail, his personal growth as a minister, and his love for his future wife Cora.  His writing style is elegant and is one a few documents that provides and excellent description of the life of someone who lived through the Civil War.

We’re hoping that a descendant of Joseph Wesley Shackford or someone interested in Shackford family history ends up with this book.

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