Sunday’s Obituary – Mary Elizabeth Shackford of Newmarket NH (1842-1923) (Blog 410)

We found this wonderful obituary of Mary Elizabeth Shackford in the Nov 18, 1921 edition of the Newmarket Advertiser!  Before we found the obituary all we knew of Mary Elizabeth Shackford was that she appeared in the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records with her father William A Shackford and his family, was listed in the 1918 and 1921 Exeter directory living on Elm Street where she died on Nov 8, 1921.

obituary-mary-elizabeth-shackford-in-memoriam-newmarket-advertiser-18-november-1921-digitalimages-lee-public-libraryThe passing of Miss Mary Eliza-
beth Shackford on Nov. 8th, in her
eightieth year takes from the com-
munity the last member of a family
that has been identified with the life
of the town for nearly a hundred and
twenty years. John Shackford came
from Newington to the Bayside just
at the opening of the nineteenth
century, and for two generations his
family lived on the farm at Shack-
ford’s Point. Seth R. Shackford,
son of John, built the large house still
standing on Shackford’s Hill, and his
eldest son, William Adams Shackford,
established the home opposite his
father’s dying there in 1885.
Mary was the youngest child of
William Adams Shackford and his wife,
Antoinette Catherine (Laurent), who
was born in France and emigrated, as
a child, with her family, who fled dur-
ing the terrors of the Napoleonic
wars, lived quite alone in the old
house on the hill since the death of
her mother in 1896. She was a
woman of unusual mental endowment,
with keen wit and a gift of mimicry
that made her an always entertaining
companion. She loved little child-
ren and was loved by them. Many,
now fathers and mothers themselves,
remember charming hours of child-
hood spent in her company, when she
arranged delightful pastimes for their
The last months were full of weak-
ness and suffering and the end came
as a happy release. She was laid to
rest with her kindred in Riverside
cemetery, after a simple service, on
Friday afternoon.

We have to thank the Lee Public Library (in Lee, NH) for digitizing it’s newspapers as it is allowing us to learn more about the Shackford family from our home in Arizona!!!  You can find the link to the Newmarket Advertiser here.  Also we want to thank  Kenneth Marks for his blog The Ancestor Hunt which describes updates in digital newspapers.  It was because of his February 3, 2017 blog about the Advantage Preservation Hosting 292 Free Newspaper Collections that we discovered these newspapers now available from the Lee library!

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