Military Monday – Headstone for Nathaniel H Shackford (1801-1877) (Blog 437)

The application for Nathaniel H Shackford’s headstone reads:

N H Shackford Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1861-1904Shackford N H
Pvt Co B Regt 21
Mass Infy
City or Town Fitchburg
County and State Worcester Mass
Date of death Mch 14-1877
by Sheldon & Sons
Contract dated July 8-1887

Nathaniel’s military record shows he enlisted in the 28th Regiment, Massachusetts, Infantry Co B in Worcester, Massachusetts on Oct 9, 1861, mustered in the military on 12/13/1861 and was discharged for disability on 1/20/1862.  We believe he lied about his age stating he was 41 when he was actually 60 years old which made it difficult to place him amid the Shackford family tree due to the age discrepancy.

Nathaniel, the son of Theodore and Dorothy (Kimball) Shackford was born July 22, 1801 in Chester, New Hampshire and married Abigail Bailey in Pembroke on Feb 20, 1823.  He’s mentioned in his father’s will which was written in 1837 and is found in the 1850 census with wife Abigail and children Mary (22), Charlotte (15), Charles H (11), and Ellen (7).

We suspect the marriage with Abigail ended before 1855 as we find Nathaniel living alone in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in 1855 and find Abby Shackford living with some of her children in Pembroke in 1860 where she is working as a boarding housekeeper.  Also by 1858, Nathaniel is pursuing custody of his son Albert Eugene Shackford from his wife Emeline Shackford in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Nathaniel and Emeline must have worked things out as they are found together in the 1860 and 1865, and 1870 censuses and had two other children Elmer Ellsworth Shackford born in 1862 and Charles Hiram Shackford born in 1867.  They lived at multiple other residences – 46 Blossom St, Laurel St, 9 Mill St, 10 Mill St, and 7 Newton Place before Nathaniel died in Fitchburg on March 14, 1877 at the age of 75.  He was buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel’s wife Emeline filed for a widow’s pension on Feb 28, 1885.  She lived in Fitchburg and Leominister where she died on Nov 7, 1895.


(with Abigail Bailey)

Mary Bailey Shackford (1827-1904) – married Charles Runlett Emerson

Leonard Shackford (1830-1899) – policeman in Cambridge, Mass., married Lydia L Gove

Betsy Shackford (1831-1832)

Theodore Bailey Shackford (1833-1907) – omnibus conductor in Cambridge, married Melvina Grant, Almira, and Sarah Jane Hooper

Charlotte Jane Shackford (1834-1887) – married Nathaniel Chapman

Charles Henry Shackford (1838-1911) – Teamster, Boston, married Minerva E Dow

Ellen Shackford (1843-1926) – married John Gilman Bartlett

(with Emeline E (Lovering) Bliss)

Albert Eugene Shackford (1857-1905) – moved to Rutland, Vermont, worked in a mill, toy factory, life insurance agent, married Betsey Jane Sparks

Elmer Ellsworth Shackford (1862-1938) – train conductor, railroad manager.  Moved to Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, and Indiana.  Married Elmira Isabelle (Holman) Shackford, his brother’s widow

Charles Hiram Shackford (1867-1887) – married Elmira Isabelle Shackford, died of typhoid fever age 19

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Treasure Chest Thursday – Gracie N Shackford’s Eleventh Birthday Party (Blog 383)

The Newburyport Daily News published this cute article on Dec 8, 1894:


Gracie N. Shackford, daughter of Commo
dore C H Shackford, had 20 of her little
girl friends over last evening to cel-
ebrate her 11th birthday. Songs, recita-
tions, supper and magic lantern views
made up a pleasant evening The presents were very nice, to the number of 28.

Grace N Shackford, the daughter of Charles Henry and Clara Eva (Burke) Shackford and granddaughter of David and Lydia Eva (Short) Shackford.was born December 6, 1883 in Newburyport.  From the age of 19 to 29, Grace worked as a telephone operator and married Forrest Glover Hills on Jan 22, 1913. Forrest was only 40 when he died on January 11, 1927.  Grace lived with her mother and three daughters, Helen, Eva, and Ruth in 1930, then with her mother and two granddaughters in 1940.  We’re not sure when she died or where she was buried.

We’re not sure yet how her father Charles obtained the title of Commodore.

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Follow Friday -Thanks to The Ancestor Hunt We Found an Article About David Shackford’s Death in Newburyport (Blog 357)

We’ve been following The Ancestor Hunt blog by Kenneth R Marks on and off. We turned it off during our recent genealogy trip to cut down on e-mails but are very glad that we turned back on his blog due to the recent article about 18 Historical Newspaper Digitization Projects and mentioned an article stating that the Newburyport Public Library had digitized numerous old newspapers.  We did a search of the newspapers and found 210 articles that mention Shackford including this article about the death of David Shackford.

David, the son of Susan Shackford (no husband named), was born August 15, 1826 in Newburyport, Massachusetts and married Lydia Short on Sept 14, 1849. He was a shoemaker and served with the Minute Men on April 15, 1861 and died by drowning on August 22, 1862 the day after being elected as a 2d Lieutenant.  He was buried in Old Town, Newburyport.


Sarah J Shackford (1850-1933) – school teacher, bookkeeper, married John Holker then Edward M Hobson

Emily Corless Shackford (1854-1885)

Charles Henry Shackford (1857-1928)

Mary Ann Shackford (1859-1869)

Everett Archer Shackford (1862-1865)

Note:  We’re not sure who his mother descended from – possibly she was a daughter of Levi Shackford – not sure yet.

David A Shackford - The body of Lieut Shackford,,Newburyport Herald (Newburyport, Massachusetts), 8 August 1862.JPG
The Daily Herald, 5 Sept 1862

The body of Lieut. Shackford, who was drowned
on the 22d ult., was recovered on Thursday morning
Mr. Edward Dole, who had gone to the meadows, dis-
scovered the body some ten feet above low water mark,
and immediately returned with the information, when
several of the friends of the deceased went to the spot,
and taking charge of it brought it to the city. Its con-
dition renders interment immediate; and we learn that
arrangements are in progress, and that the funeral will
take place from the Purchase street church this fore-
noon, at 10’o’clock. The services will be conducted
by the pastor, Rev. Mr. Butler.
The other clergymen of the city are invited and no
doubt will by present. We learn also that the City
Government, the Veteran Artillery Association , the
Cushing Guard, Mr. Stone’s Company and the sever-
al engine companies of the city will probably be in
The supposition was entertained by those present at
the time Lieut. Shackford so suddenly disappeared
from their view that he had been seized by a shark,
and we hear that circumstances are decisive on this

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


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Updated Aug 30, 2016 – removed the middle initial A.  (We’d reviewed every source we’d found pertaining to David Shackford and do not find any reference to a middle initial or middle name and are uncertain why we added a middle initial.)

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