Where is Susannah Sabrina (Shackford) Lanfair’s Family Bible? (Blog 479)

This past week I had a very small DNA match on Ancestry to someone whose tree showed that they descend from Susanna Sabrina (Shackford) Lanfair.  There is no guarantee that the match is from my Shackford line (it’s small and could just be noise or could be a match from a different line).  However finding this match gave me the incentive to review Susanna Sabrina Shackford and find more information about her ancestors in case I find other shared DNA matches with this person.

Graveston Susannah Sabrina Shackford Lanfair FindAGrave photo by psc, notes state can use the photograph as needed
Photo from FindAGrave thanks to psc who gives permission for use of this photo

Susanna Sabrina Shackford’s birth and death dates (Nov. 28, 1826-Feb 29, 1924) are clearly shown on her gravestone.  Her Dec 14, 1843 marriage to Edwin Lanfair was recorded in the Vermont Phoenix on Dec 22, 1843 and documented in Vermont Vital Records. There was also a notice in The Franklin Democrat on Jan 23, 1844 stating she had left Edwin but she returned as she had six children with him and they are recorded in the 1850, 1855, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, and the 1920 census.  We have not obtained a copy of her death record and have no sources identifying Susanna Sabrina’s parents.  However with a lot of collaboration with others who were researching her siblings back in 2013, we’d developed enough inference to determine that she was most likely the daughter of Samuel and Susannah (Hobbs) Shackford.  Her father died in 1831 when she was 5 and four years later her mother took a second husband, Ezra French,

So, to  learn more about Sabrina Shackford’s ancestors, we turned to images from Samuel Burnham Shackford’s manuscript which I had reviewed in 2016.  Susanna Sabrina is listed on a page with ID #253 which lists the details of her children and lists her parents as Samuel Shackford and Susannah Hobbs.  This page of the manuscript includes two sources: Sabrina S. Lanfair and History of Deerfield 2-229.  This means that Samuel Burnham Shackford either spoke to or corresponded with Susanna Sabrina and there may be additional source information from the conversations or correspondence in the many boxes of materials at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society!!!  Yes, this means a road trip back to Boston is in the future – well not the near future but someday in the future…

Samuel Shackford Shackford Genealogy Manuscript, 13 October 1925; typed manuscript, SG SHA 5; Shackford collection by Samuel Burnham Shackford; NEHGS, Boston, Massachusetts. (56)Samuel Burnham Shackford’s manuscript describing Susannah Sabrina’s father #116 lists her siblings and Samual’s ancestors and includes a source: Family Bible per Sabrina Lanfair.  This has us wondering what is included in the Bible – did it include these ancestors or just list her parents?  Was the Bible passed down to Susanna Sabrina’s descendents or donated to an archive?  And was it transcribed by anyone?  Also if it was transcribed, was a transcription left with the documents kept with Samuel Burnham Shackford’s manuscript???

If you’re a descendent of Susanna Sabrina Shackford Lanfair, perhaps you can help with these questions!

Samuel Burnham Shackford’s manuscript does take Sabrina’s ancestry back to William Shackford & Deborah Trickey and if correct, links me to the person with a small DNA match via Joshua Shackford & Elizabeth Barnes as a seventh cousin twice removed which aligns with this small match.  The manuscript if correct also connects many Shackfords who I have not been able to connect to William & Deborah and had just left with no ancestors.  However  there is very little documentation for #62 John Shackford who according to the manuscript lived to age 103 (1743-1846) which seems unlikely.  Also am a bit uncertain regarding the #26 Paul Shackford listed as the son of Joshua Shackford and Elizabeth Barnes — just difficult to sort out the many Paul’s.  I plan to continue to look for more sources for this new information and review each new piece of information over the next few months.

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Franklin P Shackford, of Chester, NH, One of Dr Rufus Shackford’s 13 Heirs (Blog 476)

Franklin P Shackford heir of Rufus Shackford CHESTER, The Derry Enterprise (Derry, New Hampshire), 16 February 1906
The Derry Enterprise, 16 February 1906

Franklin P. Shackford is one of the
13 heirs to the property of his uncle,
Dr. Rufus Shackford, of Portland, Me.
Mrs George Currier and sister are
two of the other heirs living in Chester.

Dr Rufus F Shackford was born December 17, 1816 in Chester, New Hampshire to Samuel and Harriet (Currier) Shackford.  He married twice – Louisa Cummings and Mary Ann Bateman, both of whom who died before Rufus.  He died at the age of 85 on September 24, 1902. Based on the above newspaper article, we believe the probate occurred four years after his death in 1906.   We can’t find copy of his probate records online at this time as these years are not yet available digitally.

We believe that George Currier mentioned in the article was the son of Rufus’s sister Abigail and John Currier but are not sure which sister is referred in the article.  Here’s a list of the other possible heirs:

Children of John Currier & Abigail Shackford: Eliza J Currier, Charles R Currier, Helen Abbie Currier Coates, and George Washington Currier

Children of John Shackford: Georgiana Shackford Allard, Samuel Shackford, and George Franklin Shackford

Children of Jonathan Shackford:  Franklin Pierce Shackford and Olive A Shackford Symmes (died in 1903)

Children of William Adams Rice and Sarah Shackford: Albert William Rice and Charlotte Adelaide Rice Holbrook (unsure when she died)

Children of George Shackford:  George Alonzo Shackford and Hannah Elizabeth Shackford

Children of Luther Calvin Shackford:  Luther L Shackford

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at http://www.facebook.com/shackfordgenealogy) as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


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Samuel Shackford (1761-1844) of Wells, Maine, Revolutionary War Pensioner (Blog 475)

Samuel Shackford, the son of Paul and Eunice (Day) Shackford was born on July 24, 1761 in Wells, Maine.  He was only 18 on June 6, 1780 when he served for eight months with the men mustered by Nathaniel Wells to defend the eastern part of Massachusetts. After the completion of his enlistment, he returned to Wells where he married Sarah Whittum on March 4, 1784.  He later moved to Sanford, Maine where he worked as a farmer.  Samuel remained in Sanford where he married Eunice Day on November 15, 1787 and Charity Cousins on November 18, 1805.

In response to the Revolutionary War Act of June 7, 1832, Samuel gave the following testimony documenting his service:

Samuel Shackford Page_4_Revolutionary_War_Pension_and_BountyLand_Warrant_Application_Files

Maine District of
Special District Court of the U States
Kennebunk August 7 1832

On this seventh day of August aforesaid personally appeared
in open Court before the District Judge

Samuel Shackford a resident of Sanford in the
county of York, and state of Maine aged seventy one
years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth
on his oath make the following declaration in order
to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed-
June 7th 1832.
That he served as herein stated.
I enlisted at Wells (now Kennebunk) in the state
Maine, in April 1780 in Capt Daniel Clarks company
for the term of eight months – we marched to Portland
in the same state, where we were principally employed
in erecting works of defense during the full period of
my enlistment or until some time in December of
that year, when we were dismissed and returned home
There were five companies in the corps to which I
belonged and were commanded by Col Prime of York –
Nathan Lord of Berwick, I think was Adjutant, and
Gen Wardsmoth commanded at Portland during said
time. I was born in Wells in the year 1761 and have
resided now about forty years in Sanford, in this state
adjoining to Wells. I enlisted and served voluntarily
as above stated. I have no other record of my age except
that which my father kept in the great Bible I now have.
All my neighbors can state my general character for that
Mr David Day resides near me, and also Mr Samuel Cole
and Mr David Clark, and others who are respectable.

He hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity
except the present, and declares that his name is note on the
pension role of the agency of any state Samuel Shackford (signed)
sworn to and subscribed this day and your aforesaid.
Arthur Wise U.S. Judge for the
District of Maine
Know the said Court do hereby declare their opinion that
the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and
served in the states.

Samuel’s testimony did not mention the name of his father but does refer to his father’s Bible which he now has in his possession.  We assume it’s the same Bible which was referred to as “Bible per Granville Shackford” (his grandson) in Samuel Burnham Shackford’s Shackford Genealogy manuscript which is the only source we’ve found for Samuel’s parents, Samuel’s birth date, and a list of his children.  Hoping the Bible is saved somewhere or at least a transcription of those pages are within the Samuel Collection. (There were boxes and boxes of material and I only had 6 hours to review the materials — hoping to be back someday.)

Samuel is listed in the 1840 census as a pensioner and received his final pension payment in the third quarter of 1844.  He died on 9 Sept 1844 and is buried on Mouse Lane in Sanford, Maine. In 2009 I corresponded with a wonderful gentleman who described how to find the gravestone, shared that Samuel’s gravestone was worn and damaged to the point that it was unreadable but he was making sure a flag was placed on Samuel’s grave.


Andrew Shackford  (1795-1858) – married his cousin Hannah Shackford

Sarah Shackford (1789-????)

Robert Shackford  (1793-????)

Eunice Shackford (1806-1822)

Christopher Shackford (1809-1870) – married Mehitable Maddox and Louisa Hill

Susan Shackford (1811-1883) – married John Thompson

Bethia Shackford (1813-1815)

Lusanna Shackford (1821-1870) – married Freeman Goodwin

[Samuel is my first cousin six times removed with a shared relative Joshua Shackford and Elizabeth Barnes]

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at http://www.facebook.com/shackfordgenealogy) as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


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Military Monday – Theodore Shackford, (1773-1809) signed the 1776 Association Test (Blog 395)

In April 1776 the Colony of New Hampshire Committee of Safety required all men over the age of twenty-one to pledge their allegiance and sign a document called the Association Test stating that they supported the cause of independence.  Each town submitted a list of signatures and a list of those who refused to sign and sent the lists to the Committee of Safety for the State of New Hampshire.

In 1881, the State of New Hampshire began hiring historians to publish important portions of documents pertaining to the American Revolution and share them with each city and town in the state, the public libraries, and the New Hampshire Historical Society. Fortunately today this allows us to search these documents for the word Shackford and from the State Papers published in 1910, we see that two Shackfords in the city of Chester, New Hampshire, signed the Association Test – Theodore Shackford who would have been 43 years old and his John Shackford, Jr  who we believe is his brother.  Their father, John was still living but resided in Andover, Massachusetts.

Theodore’s two daughters Sarah and Susannah had married David Richardson and Nathan Knowles respectively, both of whom had also signed the document.

theodore-shackford-association-batchellor-albert-stillman-itt-d-editor-of-state-papers-miscellaneous-revolutionary-documents-of-new-hampshire-including-the-association-test-vol-30-state-papeASSOCIATION TEST
April 12th, 1776
In Order to carry the underwritten RESOLVE of the Hon’ble Continental CONGRESS into Execution, You are requested to desire all Males above Twenty One Years of Age (Lunaticks, Idiots,
and Negroes excepted) to sign the DECLARATION on this
Paper; and when so done, to make Return hereof, together with the Name or Names of all who shall refuse to sign the same, to the GENERAL-ASSEMBLY, or Committee of Safety of this Colony.
M. Weare, Chairman.
In CONGRESS, March 14th, 1776
Resolve, That it be recommended to the several Assemblies,
Conventions, and Councils, or Committees of Safety of the United
Colonies, and Councils, or Committees of Safety of the United
Colonies, immediately to cause all Persons to be disarmed within
their Respective Colonies, who are notoriously disaffected to the
Cause of AMERICA, Or who have not associated, and refuse to
associate, to defend by ARMS, the United Colonies, against the
Hostile Attempts of the British Fleets and Armies.
(COPY) Extract from the Minutes.
Charles Thompson, Sec’ry.
In Consequence of the above Resolution, of the Hon. Continental
CONGRESS, and to show our Determination in joining our Amer-
ican Brethern, in defending the Lives, Liberties, and Properties of
the Inhabitants of the UNITED COLONIES.
WE, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise,
that we will, to the utmost of our Power, at the Risque of our
Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS, oppose the Hostile Proceedings
of the British Fleets, and Armies, against the United American


David Richardson [husband of Theodore’s daughter Sarah]

Nathan knowles [husband of Theodore’s daughter Susannah]

John Shackford jnr [probably Theodore’s brother, 1735-1779]
Theodr Shackford [1773-1809]
Moses Richardson [David Richardson’s father]

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared here as we are hoping to learn more of these Shackford families.  Also – if you liked this blog, please like the post here or at http://www.facebook.com/shackfordgenealogy) as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


Batchellor Albert Stillman, Litt. D., Editor of State Papers, Miscellaneous Revolutionary Documents of New Hampshire Including the Association Test, the Pension Rolls, and Other Important Papers Vol. 30 State Papers Series (Manchester, N. H.: The John B. Clarke Co, 1910), page 1, 2, 28; digital images, Google Book (https://books.google.com : accessed 18 December 2016.

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Sibling Saturday – Paul and Rebecca (Hudson) Shackford’s Children born 1728-1743 (Blog 319)

Fortunately we have very good birth records from Newbury, Massachusetts from the mid 1700s which give us the names of five children of Paul and Rebecca (Hudson) Shackford.  These siblings are:

Sarah Shackford (1728 – 1814) – married a Mr Pearson, mention the following people in her will:  grandson William Smith, Mary Jane Brown, daughter of Else Smith, Amelia (Moore) Shackford, Mary Richards, James Prince, administrator of her estate.  She was buried in the Old Hill Burying Ground in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Deborah Shackford (Libbey) Currier (1731 – abt 1800 or 1801) – married first Mr Libbey, then Caleb Currier. Her will mentions William Currier, her husband’s son, Caleb Currier, her husband’s grandson, her son John Libbey, a daughter Mary Mushaway, Mary’s husband John Mushaway, granddaughters Catherine Currier, Rebecca M, Hannah Libbey, and Deborah Libbey

John Shackford (1735 – 1764) – married Deborah Seaward, mariner who died at sea, estate granted to his widow Deborah (Seaward) Shackford

Sumner Shackford (1737- ????) –  Sumner was born Jan 29, 1737 and served as a Private in Captain Beniah Young’s Company on the late Crown Expedition from Feb 18, 1756 to December 20th. He also served in his Majesties Service in the Second Regiment of the Militia marching to Worchester.  We find no further information about Sumner.

Rebecca Shackford (1743-????) – All we find for Rebecca is a birth record – December 2, 1743.


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Wednesday Wedding – Who did Sarah Shackford Pearson (1728-1814) Marry – We Only Know his last Name was Pearson. (Blog 312)

In an effort to learn who Sarah (Shackford) Pearson, daughter of Paul and Rebecca (Hudson) Shackford married, we are listing the information that we do know about Sarah and a list of possible next steps in our search for information about Mr Pearson.

  1. Sarah Shackford was born in Newbury, Massachusetts February 1st, 1728.  Her parents were Paul Shackford and his wife Rebecca.

Birth Record Sarah Shackford

Anno 1728
Sarah Shackford ye daughter of Paul Shackford and
Rebecca his wife was born February 1st.

2. Sarah is listed as Sarah Pearson in her father’s Jan 29, 1787 probate records. This indicates that she married a Mr Pearson before 1787.  Mr Pearson may or may not have been her first husband.

3. Sarah would have most likely been married around the age of 20-30 i.e. 1748-1758. We’ve reviewed every record of a Sarah Shackford FamilySearch and Ancestry can not find any marriages of a Sarah Shackford in that timeframe that do not connect to another Shackford.

4. Sarah’s will and codicil tell us:

a) She was a widow living in Haverhill when she wrote her will on March 6, 1811 but died in Newburyport.  The probate record expenses show she was cared for through Aug 15, 1814 which is most likely her death date.

b.) She had a grandchild William Smith to whom she left $100 but because her estate was less than her legacies, he may have received $28.89.  She might not have been close to him – her codicil stated that if he had died before his legacy was received, she left this $100 to Mary Jane Brown.

c. She left $100 to Amelia (Moore) Shackford, wife of her deceased nephew John Shackford but but because her estate was less than her legacies, Amelia may have received $28.89 She also left Amelia her gold necklace.

d. She left Mary Richards of Boston her gold ring.

e. She left $50 to James Prince who was also appointed administrator.  He received $14 because the estate was less than her legacies.  She also appointed him as guardian of Mary Jane Brown the daughter of Else Smith of Boston to whom she left the remainder of her estate. Mary would have received nothing as there was no remainder to the estate.

5. Sarah is buried in the Old Hill Burying Ground, Newburyport, Massachusetts.


Review the other Pearson’s and Smith’s buried in the Old Hill Burying Ground to see if her husband and/or children are buried there. (thanks to Bonnie, a descendant of one of Paul’s other daughters for this idea!)

See if we can find find out more information about William Smith, Mary Richards, Else Smith, or Mary Jane Brown who are mentioned in Sarah’s will (not as easy as looking for information about Shackfords!)

Research Haverhill records to see if we find any land records for Sarah Pearson.

Continue to follow land records from Paul Shackford’s probate to learn what happened to the portion left to Sarah.

Search for newspaper articles that mention Sarah Pearson.

Continue to search for a marriage record for Sarah and for a Mr Hudson who married a Sarah – perhaps she had a middle name which was used as her primary name when she was married?

Look for the administration portion of Sarah’s probate record, the details of the disbursements of her estate may help us find her grandchild, his parents, and thus her husband.

Search for records of her siblings which may have additional information about Sarah’s family.

Review probate records of male Pearsons in Essex County born abt 1728 who died before 1814 (this presumes Sarah married someone who died in Essex County)

Does anyone else have any additional ideas?


“Essex County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1638-1881,” digital images, American Ancestors (http://www.americanancestors.org/databases/essex-county-ma-probate-file-papers-1638-1881 : accessed 8 January 2016), Sarah Pearson, Case No 21033

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Sunday’s Obituary – Paul Shackford (abt 1702-1786) (Blog 310)

Paul Shackford, the son of John and Sarah (Hudson) Shackford was born about 1702. In 1726 he owned land in Newbury on Fish Street next to the ten rods of land that Samuel Greenleaf was purchasing from Jonathan Dole.

The next year, on Dec 9th, 1727 he married Rebecca Hudson.

In 1732 Paul purchased land in Newbury from John Dole for the sum of 78 pounds and 5 shillings.  He attended Newbury’s Third Parish where he and three other gentlemen would council some “Youes that Play at meeting.”  In 1757 when he was 55 years old he was on the Larrum List of the Fifth Company which was under the command of Capt Richard Greenleaf and according to Currier, was most likely the  keeper of the powder and ammunition from April 4, 1771 through the end March 1779.

Paul’s death announcement was published in multiple newspapers – we know of The Essex Journal, the Salem Mercury, the Centurion, and the Massachusetts Gazette. This is the announcement from The Essex Journal.

Died Paul Shackford The Essex Journal and New Hampshire Packet, 20 December 1786

‘Died’ on the 4th inftant, Mr. Paul
Shackford, of this town, in the 84th
year of his age.  He was buried in the Old Hill Burying Ground and his probate file which listed his heirs was started on Jan 29, 1787.


Sarah Shackford (1728-1814) married ?????? Pearson

Deborah Shackford (1731-????) married Caleb Currier

John Shackford (1735-1764) – married Deborah Seward

Sumner Shackford (1737-????) – served in Second Regiment of Militia in the County of Essex and Capt Beniah Young’s Company on Crown Point Expedition

Rebecca Shackford (1743-????)

We’re hoping that when we learn more about Paul’s children, we may learn more about Paul.

Updated 1/12/2016 – Thanks to input from one of Paul’s descendants, have corrected name of Sarah’s husband to Pearson.


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