Mariner Monday – Eliza Ann Shackford, a single woman, owned 2/64 of the Schooner Palos in 1872 (Blog 390)

While looking for information about the ships that Shackford’s sailed, we came across the book Ship registers and enrollments of Machias, Maine, 1780-1930 Vol 2 which included this description of the Schooner Palos.

ship-palos-1872-master-william-shackford-partners-william-shackford-eliza-a-shackford-ship-registers-and-enrollments-of-machias-maine-1780-1930-vol-2“PALOS, schooner, of Eastport. Official No. 20275, Sig. let.
J. G. F. B. Built at Eastport; 1868. 199.10 tone; 104.51 ft. x 27.33 ft. x
10.33 ft. One deck, two masts, square Stern, a billethead. Previously enrolled (temporary) July 23, 1872, at Baltimore, Md. Registered (temporary), No. 24, Aug. 30, 1872, at Machias. Owners; William Shackford, 2/64, Charles B. Paine, E. S. Paine; George H. Paine and William Paine, 10/64; copartner, J. H. McLarren, 8/64, A. Bradford, 4/64, Seward B. Hume; 2/64, M. Small, 4/64, E. E. Sneed, 2/64, S. Perkins, 2/64, James P. Edgar, 2/64, John Faus, 2/64, J. S. Huston, 2/64, J. W. Hinckley, 2/64, Eliza A. Shackford, 2/64, P. Houghton, 1/64, H. Piney, 1/64, James Winchester, 2/64, Eastport; John B. Wooster, 2/64; Portland; M. E. B, Winchester, 4/64, Chelsea, Mass.; John Boynton, 8/64, Jed Frye, 2/64, New York City, Master: William Shackford

This document lists Eliza Ann Shackford, a single woman as owning 2/64ths of the ship Palos in 1872.  We presume she inherited her portion of ownership from her father Jacob as she, her brother William, and her sister Matilda, wife of Charles B Paine were recipients of her father’s will .  Her father, Jacob Shackford died on June 19, 1869 and his death was shortly followed by their mother Eliza (Pearce) Shackford.

We don’t know much about Eliza Ann Shackford who born on Oct 10, 1813 in Eastport, Maine to Jacob and Eliza (Pearce) Shackford.  Her father was a seaman who lived at the corner of Water and Ney Street in Eastport, Maine, and sailed frequently to the West Indies.  We’re not sure where Eliza Ann travelled but we find her arriving in Passamaquoddy in 1842, age 28.  She was listed in the 1850 and 1860 census in her father’s home and was living on her own in J B Bordman’s hotel in 1870 listed with a real estate valued at $1000 and personal property valued at $1500.  We do not find her in the 1880 census but her death was mentioned on Feb 17 1899 in the Eastport Sentinel.  According to her death record, she died of heart failure and was buried in Eastport.  We wish we knew more about this independent women — we’ve found an index that references her probate records – perhaps we’ll learn a bit more about Eliza Ann after we find and transcribe those records.

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