Military Monday – Remembering the Shackfords Who Served in World War I (Blog 425)

As we pass the 100th anniversary of the week that the US President, the Senate, and the House endorsed the decision to formally enter the First World War, we’re joining the many family history researchers who are recognizing  Americans who served during WWI.   Because a 1973 fire destroyed over 75% of the Official Military Personnel Record files we’ve used many alternate sources (ship transport lists, gravestones, newspaper articles, Marine Corp Listings) to develop this list. We’d love to hear about anyone we’ve missed and will be working in the future to flush out the stories of these and the many other Shackford veterans.  Also in the future we plan to review what we can learn about Shackfords from their WWI Draft Registrations.

ALONZO C SHACKFORD (1879-1947) – WWI, Pvt 34th Infantry, Sgt QMC 328th, at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1920

BARTLETT CHAUNCY SHACKFORD (1895-1984) – Naval Reserve 1937, served Dec 17, 1941 to March 19, 1946 – gravestone says also served in WWI

CHARLES BEACHAM SHACKFORD (1892-1939) – WWI, 151 Depot Brigade

CHARLES FREDERICK SHACKFORD (1883-1965) – 2nd Lt, Fifteenth Regiment Infantry Regiment, commissioned July 22, 1919

CHAUNCEY SHACKFORD (1877-1964) – Spanish American War, Naval Aide under President Roosevelt, WWI Navy Cross Recipient, WWII, retired Naval Captain

CLARA LINCOLN SHACKFORD (1873-1958) – Red Cross Nurse – served in France WWI

LESTER BORDON SHACKFORD (1893-1971) – he enlisted May 27, 1919, per gravestone served as Hospital Sgt, US Army, WWI

ROLAND ALFRED SHACKFORD (1901-1961) – enlisted Nov 9, 1919, stationed in Niedermendig, Germany

SAMUEL BURNHAM SHACKFORD (1888-1949) – enlisted in Pennsylvania on May 18, 1917

THOMAS LEON SHACKFORD (1892-1959) – enlisted in Marine Corp May 27, 1917, commissioned Dec 16, 1918, discharged about Jan 20, 1920, has living children

WILLIAM WALLACE SHACKFORD (1897-1973) – Georgia Sgt US Army World War I

Also these Shackford families grieved the loss of a child during WWI

LESTER HARLOW HICKS, son of Joseph Waldo and Bertha Ann (Shackford) Hicks – contracted pneumonia while aboard the Battleship Maine and died June 23, 1917.

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Maritime Monday – Captain William Gardner Shackford Takes Howard Gould and New Wife on European Cruise aboard Steam Yacht Niagara (Blog 359)

We’ve already blogged about William Gardner Shackford, the captain of the Howard Gould’s Niagara visiting his son Chauncey Shackford but thought we’d share this article we just found which gives a description of the Gould’s journey aboard the Niagara in May 1899.

W. G. Shackford Capt of Niagara HOWARD GOULD AND HIS WIFE SAIL, New York Journal (New York, New York), 2 May 1899HOWARD GOULD


Bound for a Long Cruise
On Their Steam Yacht,
the Niagara.
Mrs. Gould Before Starting Sends
a Check to Endow a Women’s
Hospital Cot.
Howard Gould’s large auxillary steam
yacht, the Niagara, having on board her
owner and his young wife, Mrs. G. U. Kirk-
patrick, Dr. J. C. Taylor and a small party
of friends, cleared her moorings at West
Fifty-eighth street about 2 o’clock yester-
day afternoon and dropped down the North
River, bound for a five months cruise in
the waters of northern Europe.
The Niagara returned early last night to
an anchorage in the upper bay. She was
in time to escape a severe gale from the
westward, which began at 10 p. m. It is
said that the Niagara’s purpose in steam-
ing to the Hook was to adjust her com-
passes and test her machinery. Some ad-
ditional guests are also expected aboard be-
fore the yacht leaves post to-day.
At a small reception held aboard the
yacht Sunday afternoon, except the host
and hostess, none of the Gould fail was
present. The gathering was quite informal
and a charming afternoon was spent on the
decks of the model pleasure craft. Among
those who came to wish Mr. and Mrs. Gould
a pleasant voyage were Mr. and Mrs.
“Jack” Kemble, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bald-
win, John A. Turner F. Wilksbarre and G.
U. Kirkpatrick, who expects to join his
wife and the party at Southampton. Mr.
and Mrs. Sells, who are relatives of the
Goulds, are expected to join them later in
Before leaving, Mrs. Gould sent her check
for $5,000 to endow a cot at the Women’s
Hospital. She has also made arrangements
for several outings on the water for chil-
dren during the Summer. The outings will
be held under the supervision of City Char-
The Niagara, after first touching at the
Azores, will proceed to Southamption; from
there she will visit the Isle of Man, Bel-
fat, go a short way up the Clyde, then
sailing around the northern coasts of Scot-
land, will, if the season proves an open one,
go as far as Spitzbergen. Returning, they
will visit St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Copen-
hagen, The Hague, and from Southampton
will sail directly for New York, expecting
to reach here by the middle of September
in time for the international yacht races.
The Niagara is under the command of
Captain W. G. Shackford, who at one
time was commodore of the Pacific Mail
Steamship Company, and several years
ago commanded George Gould’s steam
yacht, the Atalanta. She carries a comple-
ment of seventy-eight men. The cook’s and
steward’s department are looked after en-
tirely by Japanese.
During the past Winter many important
changes and improvements have been made
in the interior fittings of the yacht. The
smoking room and saloon, or social hall,
have been newly decorated. A valuable
piece of sixteenth century tapestry, repre-
senting a village scene, has been placed in
the latter apartment.


“HOWARD GOULD AND HIS WIFE SAIL,” New York Journal (New York, New York), 2 May 1899; digital images, Library of Congress Collection New York Journal and Related Titles, 1896 to 1899 ( : accessed 25 August 2016).