Saml Shurburn and Abigl Shackford wr marryd ye 11th June 1719 (Blog 451)

We’re slowly cleaning out a genealogy file cabinet, finding or creating a digitized copy of the paper, cleaning up our RootsMagic files, and writing blogs about the information we find in our files! Going to be a long project but will be happy to have three file drawers to use when we’re done!!

Today we discovered this document filed under Abigail Shackford (abt 1700-abt 1734)

Samuel Sherburn and Abigail Shackford married The New-England Historical & Genealogical Register and Antiquarian Journal For the Year 1870. Volume XXIV (Boston The So
New-England Historical & Genealogical Register, Jan 1870, page 13

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. FROM 1706 to 1742.
[Communicated by Col. Joshua W Peirce, of Portsmouth.]
Continued from vol. xxiii. page 395

Saml Shurburn and Abigl Shackford both of Portsmo wr maryd 27 May

We don’t know much about Abigail other than this marriage record and the fact that we can place her as the child of Samuel Shackford (abt 1674-abt 1731) because we find her indirectly listed in her father’s will which was proved on Mar 11, 1730/1. He left his son-in-law Samuel Sherburn the Eastern end of a house.  We presume Abigail died before August 25, 1734 when Samuel remarried.  We don’t know if she had any children – think not as his children seem to have christening dates after his remarriage.

Henry Hardon places Abigail’s birth at 1700 — we haven’t found any sources and presume that’s an estimation based on her marriage date.

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