Treasure Chest Thursday – An Act to Authorize Richard Shackford and George Shackford to Build a Wharf in East Boston – 1854 (Blog 446)

While researching Richard Shackford, we discovered this document which authorized him to build a Wharf in East Boston.  We’ve since found city directories which place the wharf from Border, foot of Lexington street and know that Richard lived at 15 Lexington.  We’ve added a map at the end of blog that shows that location – we don’t know the history of this area but it appears that the area where the original wharf was may have been filled in.

An Act to Build a Wharf - Richard Shackford and George Shackford

An Act to authorize Richard Shackford and George Shackford to build
a Wharf.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represnta-
tives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of
the same, as follows:
Richard Shackford and George Shackford, proprietors of
land and flats in that part of Boston called East Boston,
bounding on Border Street, are hereby authorized to build
and maintain a wharf upon and from their said premises
into Boston harbor, as far as the line established by the
act entitled “An Act concerning the Harbor of Boston,”
passed on the seventeenth day of March, in the year one
thousand eight hundred and forty; and shall have the right
to lay vessels at the end and sides of said wharf, and to
receive wharfage and dockage therefor; provided, however,
that this grant shall not be construed to extend to any flats
or lands of this Commonwealth, lying in front of the flats
of any other person, or which would be comprehended by
the true lines of such flats continued to said commissioners’
line; and provided, further, that so much of said wharf, as
may be constructed below low-water mark, shall be built on
piles, which piles shall not be nearer to each other than six
feet, in the direction of the stream, and eight feet in a
transverse direction, and that this act shall in nowise impair
the legal rights of any person whatever. [Approved by the
Governor, March 24, 1854.]

Today’s map of Boston from Google Maps showing the wharf area at the intersection of Border and Lexington St.

Probably location of Richard and George Shackford's Wharf

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