Sibling Saturday – Paul and Rebecca (Hudson) Shackford’s Children born 1728-1743 (Blog 319)

Fortunately we have very good birth records from Newbury, Massachusetts from the mid 1700s which give us the names of five children of Paul and Rebecca (Hudson) Shackford.  These siblings are:

Sarah Shackford (1728 – 1814) – married a Mr Pearson, mention the following people in her will:  grandson William Smith, Mary Jane Brown, daughter of Else Smith, Amelia (Moore) Shackford, Mary Richards, James Prince, administrator of her estate.  She was buried in the Old Hill Burying Ground in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Deborah Shackford (Libbey) Currier (1731 – abt 1800 or 1801) – married first Mr Libbey, then Caleb Currier. Her will mentions William Currier, her husband’s son, Caleb Currier, her husband’s grandson, her son John Libbey, a daughter Mary Mushaway, Mary’s husband John Mushaway, granddaughters Catherine Currier, Rebecca M, Hannah Libbey, and Deborah Libbey

John Shackford (1735 – 1764) – married Deborah Seaward, mariner who died at sea, estate granted to his widow Deborah (Seaward) Shackford

Sumner Shackford (1737- ????) –  Sumner was born Jan 29, 1737 and served as a Private in Captain Beniah Young’s Company on the late Crown Expedition from Feb 18, 1756 to December 20th. He also served in his Majesties Service in the Second Regiment of the Militia marching to Worchester.  We find no further information about Sumner.

Rebecca Shackford (1743-????) – All we find for Rebecca is a birth record – December 2, 1743.


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Sunday’s Obituary – Paul Shackford (abt 1702-1786) (Blog 310)

Paul Shackford, the son of John and Sarah (Hudson) Shackford was born about 1702. In 1726 he owned land in Newbury on Fish Street next to the ten rods of land that Samuel Greenleaf was purchasing from Jonathan Dole.

The next year, on Dec 9th, 1727 he married Rebecca Hudson.

In 1732 Paul purchased land in Newbury from John Dole for the sum of 78 pounds and 5 shillings.  He attended Newbury’s Third Parish where he and three other gentlemen would council some “Youes that Play at meeting.”  In 1757 when he was 55 years old he was on the Larrum List of the Fifth Company which was under the command of Capt Richard Greenleaf and according to Currier, was most likely the  keeper of the powder and ammunition from April 4, 1771 through the end March 1779.

Paul’s death announcement was published in multiple newspapers – we know of The Essex Journal, the Salem Mercury, the Centurion, and the Massachusetts Gazette. This is the announcement from The Essex Journal.

Died Paul Shackford The Essex Journal and New Hampshire Packet, 20 December 1786

‘Died’ on the 4th inftant, Mr. Paul
Shackford, of this town, in the 84th
year of his age.  He was buried in the Old Hill Burying Ground and his probate file which listed his heirs was started on Jan 29, 1787.


Sarah Shackford (1728-1814) married ?????? Pearson

Deborah Shackford (1731-????) married Caleb Currier

John Shackford (1735-1764) – married Deborah Seward

Sumner Shackford (1737-????) – served in Second Regiment of Militia in the County of Essex and Capt Beniah Young’s Company on Crown Point Expedition

Rebecca Shackford (1743-????)

We’re hoping that when we learn more about Paul’s children, we may learn more about Paul.

Updated 1/12/2016 – Thanks to input from one of Paul’s descendants, have corrected name of Sarah’s husband to Pearson.


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Treasure Chest Thursday – The Heirs of Paul Shackford (1702-1786) (Blog 309)

Paul Shackford’s heirs are listed on a piece of paper in his probate records  because the heirs asked the Probate Judge, Benjamin Greenleaf, to assign a committee to divide Paul’s real estate for them – we have added their birth dates and Paul’s other children based on the birth records listed in the Vital Records of Newbury Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849 Volume I.-Births. Heirs of Paul Shackford - from Probate Records




His two children:

     Sarah Pearson (born Feb 1, 1728)

     Deborah Currier (born May 24, 1731)

and the

Heirs of his son John Shackford (born Sept 16, 1735)

  John Shackford

  Deborah Shackford

  Child of Mary Shackford, deceased – Joshua Chace


The book Vital Records of Newbury Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849 Volume I.-Births lists two other children who probably died before 1786 and left no heirs:

Sumner Shackford (born 19 Jan 1737)

Rebecca Shackford (born 2 Dec 1743)



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