Military Monday – Seth Ring Shackford – Died in the Battle of Saratoga October 7, 1777, age 23 – Honored at Saratoga National Historical Park Memorial Day 2016 (Blog 414)

When we arrived at Saratoga National Historical Park on June 7, 2016 to learn about Seth Ring Shackford and the Battle of Saratoga, Park historian Eric was in the midst of an excellent presentation to a school group totally engaging a group of sixth graders about life in the Revolutionary Army.  He provided an outstanding description of the background, battles, and outcomes of the Battle of Saratoga at a level perfect for the young school children, adults with little background of the battle (myself), and those with a background of the battle (my husband).

When Eric was finished we asked him about Seth Shackford and learned that Seth had just been honored at the park on Memorial Day along with the other many soldiers of the 3rd New Hampshire who died fighting at the Battle of Saratoga.  He also showed us a map on the area outlining the places where Seth had most likely been camped and where he most likely fought on September 19th, and where he  had been  on the battlefield when he died.  We were pleased to be able to share Seth’s birth date and our source for that information with Eric.

Seth Ring Shackford was the fourth son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Ring) Shackford born Sept 22, 1754 in Newington, New Hampshire[1].  He most likely was very aware of the political climate of the time as his father who had been serving as Selectman, Town Moderator, and had been one of the parties responsible to ensure members of his community signed the Declaration by the Inhabitants of New Hampshire on April 12, 1776[2].

Seth served in many military units – the first record we found is his service under Captain David Copps unit which went to Winter Hill in Somerville, Massachusetts in December 1775[3].  On July 28, 1776 he mustered in Col Wingate’s Regiment[4] .  His name then appears on a payroll for the same unit headed to Ticonderoga.   In January 1777 we find him with Captain Richard Wear’s Company commanded by Colonel Scammel.

On April 1, 1777 Seth enlisted under Capt Isaac Frye.  He’s listed in the US Revolutionary War Rolls on 15 Jun 1777[5] and showing as under Captain Wear’s Company on September 1 1777.  That same document lists him as a sergeant and states  “ killed October 7, 1777”[6][7].   Some references list Seth as  a private when he died,  and others as a sergeant – none of the documents remind us that he had just turned 23 years old about three weeks before he died.

On October 17, 1777, ten days after Seth’s death, the British under General Burgoyne, surrendered to the American Colonists led by General Gates.  This victory is seen by historians as the “Turning Point of the American Revolution.”

We assume that Seth was one of the many soldiers who were buried on the battlefield. While driving through along the excellent driving tour through the park we listened the mobile web app and read the well done interpretive stations.  Along this driving route we found this special memorial honoring the many soldiers who died in the Battles of Saratoga.

Memorial at Saratoga Springs Historical Park Unknown Soldier whole monument photo by Joanne Parkes.jpg
The Unknown American Soldiers photo Joanne Shackford Parkes




There also was a separate memorial placed in honor of the New Hampshire Men who fought in these decisive battles.

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Sunday’s Obituary – Mary Elizabeth Shackford of Newmarket NH (1842-1923) (Blog 410)

We found this wonderful obituary of Mary Elizabeth Shackford in the Nov 18, 1921 edition of the Newmarket Advertiser!  Before we found the obituary all we knew of Mary Elizabeth Shackford was that she appeared in the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records with her father William A Shackford and his family, was listed in the 1918 and 1921 Exeter directory living on Elm Street where she died on Nov 8, 1921.

obituary-mary-elizabeth-shackford-in-memoriam-newmarket-advertiser-18-november-1921-digitalimages-lee-public-libraryThe passing of Miss Mary Eliza-
beth Shackford on Nov. 8th, in her
eightieth year takes from the com-
munity the last member of a family
that has been identified with the life
of the town for nearly a hundred and
twenty years. John Shackford came
from Newington to the Bayside just
at the opening of the nineteenth
century, and for two generations his
family lived on the farm at Shack-
ford’s Point. Seth R. Shackford,
son of John, built the large house still
standing on Shackford’s Hill, and his
eldest son, William Adams Shackford,
established the home opposite his
father’s dying there in 1885.
Mary was the youngest child of
William Adams Shackford and his wife,
Antoinette Catherine (Laurent), who
was born in France and emigrated, as
a child, with her family, who fled dur-
ing the terrors of the Napoleonic
wars, lived quite alone in the old
house on the hill since the death of
her mother in 1896. She was a
woman of unusual mental endowment,
with keen wit and a gift of mimicry
that made her an always entertaining
companion. She loved little child-
ren and was loved by them. Many,
now fathers and mothers themselves,
remember charming hours of child-
hood spent in her company, when she
arranged delightful pastimes for their
The last months were full of weak-
ness and suffering and the end came
as a happy release. She was laid to
rest with her kindred in Riverside
cemetery, after a simple service, on
Friday afternoon.

We have to thank the Lee Public Library (in Lee, NH) for digitizing it’s newspapers as it is allowing us to learn more about the Shackford family from our home in Arizona!!!  You can find the link to the Newmarket Advertiser here.  Also we want to thank  Kenneth Marks for his blog The Ancestor Hunt which describes updates in digital newspapers.  It was because of his February 3, 2017 blog about the Advantage Preservation Hosting 292 Free Newspaper Collections that we discovered these newspapers now available from the Lee library!

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


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On Veteran’s Day We Recognize 77 Shackford’s Who Served in the Military (Blog 384)

US Department of Veteran’s Affairs – History of Veteran’s Day

We know of seventy seven SHACKFORD descendants of the immigrant William Shackford who served in the military. We’d love to hear about any details of the military service of these or other Shackford veterans who may be missing from this list.  (Note: We do not write about living Shackfords unless they give permission or comment directly on the WEB page)

ABNER R SHACKFORD  (1827-1900) – 11th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Co K

ALONZO C SHACKFORD (1879-1947) – 23rd Infantry in China, 1916, WWI, Pvt 24th Infantry, Sgt QMC 328th, at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1920

BARTLETT CHAUNCY SHACKFORD (1895-1984) – Naval Reserve 1937, served Dec 17, 1941 to March 19, 1946 – gravestone says also served in WWI

CARY RICHARD SHACKFORD (1941-2017) – per his obituary, he was an US Army Veteran, discharged in 1965

CHARLES ALBERT SHACKFORD (1848-1903) – 61st Regiment, Illinois Infantry, survived Andersonville Prison Camp

CHARLES AUGUSTUS SHACKFORD (1922-2013) – son of Charles Augustus Shackford and Alice May Short enlisted at age 19 in Boston, Mass on June 27, 1942.

CHARLES BEACHAM SHACKFORD (1892-1939) – WWI, 151 Depot Brigade

CHARLES E SHACKFORD (1844-1897) – 17th Regiment, Maine Infantry

CHARLES FREDERICK SHACKFORD (1883-1965) – 2nd Lt, Fifteenth Regiment Infantry Regiment, commissioned July 22, 1919

CHARLES J SHACKFORD (1834-1894) – Sixth Regiment Infantry Co D, Lowell, April 7, 1857

CHARLES LEE SHACKFORD (1919-2006) – son of Charles Lee Shackford and Katherine Howard Gay enlisted on 31 August 1943 at age 24.  He served in Europe in the 16th Armored Division, was transferred to the 1st Infantry Division, saw duty in Bamberg, Hammelburg and Deggendorf.  He has living children.

CHAUNCEY SHACKFORD (1877-1964) – Spanish American War, Naval Aide under President Roosevelt, WWI Navy Cross Recipient, WWII, retired Naval Captain

CLARA LINCOLN SHACKFORD (1873-1958) – Red Cross Nurse – served France during WWI

CLYDE ERWIN SHACKFORD (1914-1992) – son of Foye Clayson Shackford and Emily Julia Hill enlisted at age 28 on June 30, 1943. He has living children.

DANIEL ROBERT SHACKFORD (1882-1926) – served on the crew of U. S. S. Louisiana 1907

DAVID SHACKFORD (1826-1862)- 8th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

EBEN LINCOLN SHACKFORD – (1842-1908) 1st Regiment, Maine Calvary Civil War

EDWARD SHACKFORD (1834-????) – 140th Regiment, New York Infantry

ELBRIDGE GARLAND SHACKFORD (1820-1893) – on 1850 rolls of Massachusetts Militia

FRANK ARTHUR SHACKFORD (1868-1935) – Enlisted April 29, 1898, served in Spanish American War

GEORGE CROSBY SHACKFORD (1903-1998) – civilian in the Army Corps of Engineers at Oak Ridge TN.  Has living children.

GILMAN SHACKFORD (1828-1864) – 8th Regiment, Maine Infantry, died of wounds, buried at Arlington, Civil War

GRANVILLE SHACKFORD (1840-1916) – Corp of Engineers (Regular Army)

HENRY FRANCIS SHACKFORD (1928-2006) – son of Henry David Shackford and Frances Riley enlisted at age 17 at Fort Banks, Boston, Massachusetts on Feb 7, 1946.

HIRAM SHACKFORD (1829-1892) – 1st Regiment, New Hampshire Heavy Artillery, Civil War

HORATIO H SHACKFORD (1834-1901) – 18th Regiment, New Hampshire Infantry, Civil War

JAMES ATKINS SHACKFORD (1912-1957), son of John Walter Shackford and Love Branner Atkins enlisted at the age of 30 on January 17, 1942.  From his obituary we know that he served as a chaplain and then as editor-in-chief in the Army’s Atlanta headquarters., WWII

JOANNE SHACKFORD PARKES (living) – served 26 years in the USAF retiring in 2006 as a LtCol.  Served as a Medical Support Squadron Commander in Japan and Korea

JOHN SHACKFORD (abt 1678-1738) – Served in 1708 in Her Majesty’s Fort William and Mary in the Province of New Hampshire

JOHN SHACKFORD (abt 1698-1786) – Served in Expedition against the French Forts in 1755

JOHN SHACKFORD (1753-1840) – enlisted July 17, 1775.   When John Shackford died in Eastport, Maine, the New York Spectator published his obituary stating that he was a “soldier of the revolution, accompanied Arnold in his expedition to Quebec”, and was taken prisoner in that city.  It also said that his “discharge from the Army bore the signature of Washington and he treasured it as a precious relic.”

JOHN DOWNING SHACKFORD (1795-1844) – Served under Capt Jacob Dearborn in 1814

JOHN E SHACKFORD (1825-1873) – 3rd Regiment, Missouri Infantry, Civil War

JOHN TYLER SHACKFORD (1841-1910) – 44th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Civil War

JOSEPH AARON SHACKFORD (1919-2003) – son of Jessie Elmer Shackford and Pauline Hurd. enlisted at age 22 in Manchester, New Hampshire on April 2, 1941., WWII

JOSHUA C SHACKFORD (1840-1917) – US Navy – served aboard USS Iroquois

JOSIAH SHACKFORD (1747-1829)  – Josiah served as a 3rd Lieutenant on the “Raleigh” in 1776.

LESLIE THEODORE SHACKFORD (1913-1968) – son of Edwin Augusta Shackford and Bessie Littlefield enlisted at age of 28 in Manchester, NH on Jan 27, 1942. WWII

LESTER BORDON SHACKFORD (1893-1971) – he enlisted May 27, 1919, per gravestone served as Hospital Sgt, US Army, WWI

LEVI SHACKFORD (1766-1833) – Kilby’s Eastport and Passamaquoddy: A Collection of Historical and Background Sketches states that Levi who was a brother of John, was wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill, however, we can not find any other documentation of this and based on Levi’s death record he was 67 when he died in 1833 and therefore would have been about eight years old when the battle of Bunker Hill occurred.

LOREN BROUGHTON SHACKFORD (1920-1984) – Enlisted May 27, 1942, served aboard the U.S.S. Salamonie

MOSES AUSTIN CARTLAND SHACKFORD (1873-1944) – served Aug 1900 at Fort Douglas, Utah

NATHANIEL H SHACKFORD (1801-1877) – 28th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

NATHANIEL SHACKFORD (1826-1920) – 12th Regiment, New Hampshire Infantry

NATHANIEL SHACKFORD  (1836-1899) – 6th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

OTIS HENRY SHACKFORD – 60th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

PAUL SHACKFORD (1702-1786) – A Miss Maria Louise Grouard references Paul Shackford in her Daughters of the American Revolution application stating that “Paul Shackford, who had served in the early wars, was a patriot of the Revolution. He was born in Portsmouth, N.H.; died in 1787 in Newburyport, Mass.”  The Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War states that he was a Private in Capt Tobias Lord’s Co, marching Jan 29, 1776 and that he served for 9 months and 28 days defending the seacoast at Falmouth.

PAUL SHACKFORD (abt 1720-????) – served 1755-1760 in French-Indian War

PAUL SHACKFORD (abt 1750-abt 1840) -Appears with rank of Private on Muster and Pay Roll of Capt Tobias Lords York Co

RICHARD LEWIS SHACKFORD (1914-1974) – son of Irwin Lewis Shackford and Annette Mabel Parsons enlisted at age 27 in Springfield, Mass on August 7, 1942. WWII

RICHMOND IRVING SHACKFORD (1925-1997), son of Richmond I Shackford and Josephine E Severance enlisted at age 18 on January 13, 1944. WWII

ROBERT LEWELLYN SHACKFORD (1926-2010) – served about 1945 in Navy Seabees, also the USAF Reserves, WWII

ROBERT SMITH SHACKFORD (1916-2008) – son of Robert Smith Shackford and Carolyn Hildegard Payne enlisted at age 26 in Los Angeles, California on April 10, 1943, WWII

ROBERT WALTON SHACKFORD (1918-1987) – World War II Ace, a VF-2 F6F pilot, buried at Fort Rosencrans National Cemetery, San Diego

ROLAND ALFRED SHACKFORD (1901-1961) – enlisted Nov 9, 1919, stationed in Niedermendig, Germany

SAMUEL SHACKFORD (1728-1812) – Mrs Martha Shackford Meserve Jordan references Samuel Shackford in her Daughters of the American Revolution application stating that he served in the Burgoyne and Rhode Island Campaigns.  Also John Shackford Meserve mentions that he served in Langdon’s New Hampshire Light Horse Volunteers. His service is also documented in the American Series of Popular Biographies. We also know that on April 12, 1776, he signed the Declaration by the Inhabitants of New Hampshire.

SAMUEL SHACKFORD (1761-1844) – Samuel Shackford of Sanford received a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the June 1, 1840 York County list of Pensioners where he is recorded as living with his son Christopher Shackford. His gravestone is visible at FindAGrave, Memorial# 41683165.

SAMUEL SHACKFORD (1840-1909) – 1st Regiment1840-19 California Calvary

SAMUEL ADAMS SHACKFORD (1810-1864) – Commissioned by Gov. Edward Everett brigade inspector, First Brigade, Fourth Division, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia

SAMUEL BURNHAM SHACKFORD (1888-1949) – enlisted in Pennsylvania on May 18, 1917, WWI

SAMUEL GARLAND SHACKFORD (1818-1885) – 8th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Company G, Civil War

SETH RING SHACKFORD (1754-1777) – Private Seth Ring Shackford was killed in action at Saratoga on October 7, 1777. American Revolution

SILAS THAYER SHACKFORD (1843-1880)- 44th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Civil War

SUMNER SHACKFORD (1737-????) – served 1756 on Capt. Beniah Youngs’ Company on the late Crown Point Expedition

THEODORE SHACKFORD (1842-1920)- 5th Regiment, Maine Infantry, Civil War

THOMAS LEON SHACKFORD (1892-1959) – enlisted in Marine Corp May 27, 1917, commissioned Dec 16, 1918, discharged about Jan 20, 1920, has living children

WALTER EMORY SHACKFORD (1847-1865) – 5th Regiment, Virginia Calvary.  Mortally wounded April 1, 1865 at Five Forks, Virginia

WALTER HAROLD SHACKFORD (1874-1937) – served in US Army 1894-1897

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (abt 1641-1720) – soldier in the militia, called Captain, fought Indians at Breakfast Hill

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (1706-1773) – Invasion of Canda 1746, Capt at Fort Drumner 1750

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (1753-????) – Private Wm Shackford marched with Capt Moses Nowell (Newell?) from Newburyport, April 19, 1775 against the British troops.  The Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War also documents that he served in Capt Ezra Lunt’s company, Col Moses Litttle’s regiment.

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (1830-1900) – Served 1864-1865 aboard USS Home, Nahant,

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (1834-1887)- 4th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

WILLIAM BROWN SHACKFORD (1812-1866) – 1st Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

WILLIAM GARDNER SHACKFORD (1840-1907) – US Navy 1864, Acting Ensign aboard USS Savanah and  USS Maumee

WILLIAM WALLACE SHACKFORD (1826-1902) – 15th Regiment, New Jersey Infantry

WILLIAM WALLACE SHACKFORD (1897-1973) – Georgia Sgt US Army World War I

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!

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Tuesday’s Tip – Finding Seth Ring Shackford’s Diaries Via Great Libraries’ Search Engines (Blog 347)

In February 2013 we wrote about a dream to travel to New Hampshire to find Seth Ring Shackford diaries and this last week we found some of his diaries at the New Hampshire Historical Society and the Portsmouth Athenaeum.  These two libraries have exceptional historic collections, have created fabulous catalogs of their collections, and shared their catalogs online!  We are very thankful to these libraries and their excellent staff who care about ensuring documents are preserved properly, spend the time to create detailed inventories of their very large collections, and help all the visitors who visit access their exceptional historical documents!

New Hsmpshire Historical Society Search for Seth Ring Shackford's Diary
New Hampshire Historical Library’s Listing for Seth R Shackford’s Diary

We found most of Seth’s diaries at the New Hampshire Historical Society in Concord, NH.  We had searched their online catalog for the word Shackford and discovered that the diary was described as Diary of Seth Shackford, 1805-1813, 1813-1824.  We called ahead to ensure they had the diary onsite (important because some libraries store some of their documents offsite and it may take them time to pull them!).  We drove to Concord on a Saturday to avoid traffic and felt awed at the great historical building . When we showed up we felt totally spoiled when Mali Ebel, the reference librarian told us she’d pulled the documents out for us ahead of our visit!

We discovered that we had found a treasure!!! Seth wrote daily documenting the weather, who he visited, what he did, where he traveled, when he was planting, what he was planting, what he was harvesting, who was visiting, who he was visiting, etc.   There is a comment in the diary when the War of 1812 ended that is written in larger handwriting commenting on his happy feelings about peace!  We were allowed to read this incredible diary, copy the pages of the journal (with a camera – a copier might damage this old book).  We had hoped to read the part of the journal describing Seth’s trip to Ohio in 1810 and follow this route on today’s roads but while we found a reference in his diary to this journal we did not find that journal within the documents.   We wish to also thank Mr Paul Friday, the onsite genealogist who helped us find some of the documents that were in the Historical Society that helped us learn the details of how the diaries arrived at the library helping us find letters from Seth’s grandchildren Mary Bennett Morse, Helen Champion Bennett, and Harriet Bennett Cate that discuss their donation of these diaries to the library – there’s possibly more to this donation story but that is for another day. We plan to transcribe Seth’s incredible diary and gift our transcription to the library that preserved this document.  We anticipate this project will take a very long time…  We hope to return to this wonderful library in the future – they have an exceptional collection of other materials…

Portsmouth Athenaeum Archive Record Seth R Shackford Diary
Portsmouth Athenaeum Catalog Listing of Seth R Shackford’s Diary

We also found another of Seth Ring Shackford’s diaries from 1838 at the Portsmouth Athenaeum which is an amazing place!  Just being in this building and peeking into it’s inner sanctum is breathtaking — before you even open a book! (Take a look at their Website!!!!)  And to open a diary from 1838 in this special space just draws your breath away.  Thank you very much to the members of this Athenaeum for allowing the public to visit this exceptional place and for ensuring that the history in your fabulous book and manuscript collections are shared with visitors by your exceptional staff.  We received excellent help from Tom, Caroline, and Robin!  We were there two days and these folks were so very helpful to everyone who entered this precious space!  Not only did they allow me to copy this exceptional diary, but when they learned that I  couldn’t find William Moore Shackford’s property on 35 Daniel Street Tom did some research and explained that the street numbers had changed and shared historic pictures of William’s original home with me. Then they helped me learn that William Moore Shackford was one of the original members of the Athenaeum – he owned share 74!  They also helped me find an article in the The Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics!

We hope to eventually transcribe this diary which describes Seth and his son William’s trip west in 1838 (they were avoiding a court issue related to a fraudulent American Revolution Pension) and continues to March 1848, a month before Seth’s death.  We thought about trying to trace Seth’s travel’s following this diary but he begins by traveling by ship to New York City, then heads to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati by waterway.  We’re in an RV and stay away from big cities so instead of driving this route we’ll draw out the journey he took on a map sometime in the future.

It’s an honor to get the opportunity to touch and read these diaries.  Thanks again to these fabulous libraries  their staff for maintaining such wonderful resources such as Seth’s diaries!

(Ooops – posted on a Monday – when you’re traveling you sometimes forget what day of the week it is!!!)

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others.


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Sympathy Saturday – Death of 17 Year Old Martha L Shackford in 1832 (Blog 306)

All we know of Martha L Shackford, the daughter of Seth Ring and Martha (Boardman) Shackford is her birth date (7 Jan 1815 in Newmarket, New Hampshire) and her death date (19 April 1832 in Newmarket, New Hampshire).

We don’t know if she liked school, if she had a boyfriend, or anything else about her, just that her death was mentioned in the Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics and the letters ac. are listed next to her death date in Chapman’s Lane Genealogies which indicates that perhaps her death was caused by an accident.


DIED, Miss Martha L Shackford Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), 28 April 1832
Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics, 28 Apr 1832


In Newmarket, Miss Martha L. aged 17, daughter of Seth R. Shackford, Esq. …

Hopefully someday in the future we’ll learn more about this young lady whose life was cut short.


Boardman Samuel Lane, 1836-1914, Family memorial: records of the Boreman, Bordman and Boardman families of New Hampshire and Maine (Augusta, Maine: no date given, before 1876), page 39-; digital image, ( : accessed 13 April 2015

Chapman Jacob, Rev., and Rev. James H. Fitts, Lane Genealogies. Volume I. William Lane of Boston, Mass., 1648, Including the Records of Edmund J. Lane and James P. Lane (Exeter, N. H.: John Templeton, 1891), page 67; digital images, Google Books ( : accessed 16 February 2014

“DIED.,” The Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), 28 April 1832; digital images, America’s Historical Newspapers ( : accessed 4 March 2014