Treasure Chest Thursday – Shackford’s in Carter’s 1895 History of Pembroke, N.H. (Blog 332)

Today while searching for sources for Ann Martin Shackford’s marriage to Isaac Fitts we had three tremendous finds:

Rev N. F.Carter’s History of Pembroke, N.H. written in 1895 which stated that Ann Shackford married Isaac Fitts and included a lot of information about her ancestry.

James Hill Fitt’s 1869 Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America which stated that they were married April 1, 1841 and provided some great information about their children.

FamilySearch’s description of the Fitts-Weston Family Bible which was filmed in 1971 and is at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City which stated that they were married and gave a marriage year.

Interestingly we have not found a marriage record in FamilySearch or Ancestry.  While all the documents were interesting, because our focus is on Shackfords, we’ll share our transcription of The Shackford Family, page 295 Carter’s History of Pembroke, N.H. It’s clearly a treasure and great starting point for those researching Shackford Family Historians!  The blue highlights refer to previous blogs about some of the Shackfords mentioned.

The Shackford Family Carter N. F., Rev, History of Pembroke, N. H. 1730-1895 In Two Volumes, Vol. II.-Genealogical (Concord, N. H. Republican Press Association, 1895), page 295CXX. THE SHACKFORD FAMILY.
1. Theodore1 settled in Allenstown; m. Mary Bartlett; and d. 14
Oct. 18, 1809. She d. 1 Apr. 1807. Ch:
2. Sally2 b, 1755; m. 1755, David Richardson of Allenstown; d. 15 Apr.
1842 (CX111, 12).
3. Theodore2 b. 7 July 1770; m. (1) Dorothy Kimball (LXXIV, 52) (2)
Hannah Field.
(3) Theodore 2 (Theodore1) was b. 7 July 1770 in Chester; m. (1) 27
Nov. 171, Dorothy, dau. of Michael Kimball, (2) 15 Mar 1824,
Hannah Field of Merrimack; and d. Nov. 1844. His 1st w. was
b. 16 May 1772, and d. 29 Oct. 1822. Ch:
4. John3 b. 27 Aug 1792; m. Susan Gibson
5. Susanna3 b. 6 Sep. 1795; d. 10 Feb 1809
6. Samuel3 b 17 Mar 1799 d. 5 Apr 18?6
7. Nathaniel3 b. 22 Jul 1801; m. Abigail Bailey
8. Betsey3 b. 16 Oct 1805; m. 10 May 1827 Mark Richardson of Pembroke
(CXIII, 28)
9. Susannah3 b. 7 Nov 1800; m. James Morrison (XCVII, 24).
10. Leonard Kimball3, b. 23 May 1814; d. 6 Dec 1824
(4) John3(Theodore, 2 Theodore1) was b. 27 Aug. 1792; m. Susan
Gibson of Newburyport, Mass; res. Pembroke. Ch b. in Pem-
11. Edrick; 4 m. 25 Dec 1837, Caroline M. Williams of Hocksett; res.
Canaan; d.
12. Ann;4 m. Isaac Fitts, res. Nashua
13. Adeline; 4; m. John F. Gilbert of Pembroke; d. (LV.2)/
14. Catherine;4 m. ——Wilson; res. New York
15. Wallace;4 m.; res. Nova Scotia
(7) Nathaniel3 (Theodore, 2, Theodore1) was b. 22 Jul 1801; m Abi-
gail Bailey. Ch:
16. Leonard; m. Lydia——; res. Cambridge, Mass
17. Mary4; m. res. Charles Emerson; res Allenstown
18. Bailey;4 m; res. Boston, Mass.
19. Jane;4 m. Nathaniel Chapman of Greenland; d.
20. Charles;4 m. —Dow; res. Boston, Mass.
21. Nellie;4 m. John Gilman Bartlett; res. Allenstown
22. Betsey;4 b. June 1831; d. 27 Jan 1832.

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Family data, Family Bible, Fitts–Weston family Bible records, 1784-1924, microfilm of typed transcript of original available at Family History Center, Salt Lake

Fitts James Hill, Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America (Clinton: Wm J Coulter, 1869), page 26-27; digital image, HathiTrust ( : accessed 17 March 2016.

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