Sympathy Saturday – Death of 17 Year Old Martha L Shackford in 1832 (Blog 306)

All we know of Martha L Shackford, the daughter of Seth Ring and Martha (Boardman) Shackford is her birth date (7 Jan 1815 in Newmarket, New Hampshire) and her death date (19 April 1832 in Newmarket, New Hampshire).

We don’t know if she liked school, if she had a boyfriend, or anything else about her, just that her death was mentioned in the Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics and the letters ac. are listed next to her death date in Chapman’s Lane Genealogies which indicates that perhaps her death was caused by an accident.


DIED, Miss Martha L Shackford Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), 28 April 1832
Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics, 28 Apr 1832


In Newmarket, Miss Martha L. aged 17, daughter of Seth R. Shackford, Esq. …

Hopefully someday in the future we’ll learn more about this young lady whose life was cut short.


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