Wedding Wednesday – Charles Chauncy Shackford marries Martha Gould Bartlett Sept 22 1846 (Blog 341)

Charles Chauncy Shackford, the son of William Moore and Joanna Chauncy (Moore) Shackford was born on September 26, 1815 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  He attended Harvard and the Theological Seminary at Andover.  He was ordained at Hawes Place Church in South Boston on May 1841, married Charlotte Louisa Shackford, his first cousin on June 3, 1841 and soon thereafter moved to Burlington, Iowa where he ran a flour mill, preached, and gave lectures.

The next five years must have been very difficult for Charles.  He had attended Harvard with his older brother, William Henry, a well known teacher at Exeter  who died of typhoid fever in 1842;  Then on October 13, 1845, his wife Charlotte died in Burlington.  On April 27, 1846 his flour mill burned and one of his employees died in the fire.  And on August 17, 1846 his younger brother Albert Samuel died while traveling from Burlington to Portsmouth.

Charles’ marriage to Martha Gould Bartlett on September 22, 1846 must have been the first happy event over those past dark years.  It was announced on September 23d in the Lowell Daily Courier.

Marriage Announcement to Martha G Bartlett in Emancipator and Republican

In this city, 22d inst, by Rev Mr Edson, the Rev. Charles C. Shackford, of Burlington, Iowa, to Miss Martha G., daughter of Mr Wait Bartlett, of Granby.

Two days later Charles accepted a call from the Unitarian Society in Lynn, Massachusetts.  He went on to preach, run a school for young women, write, translate, and then taught Rhetoric at Cornell University from 1871 to 1886.  He and his wife retired in Norfolk Massachusetts where he died of the grip on December 25, 1891.  His wife Martha lived with their daughter Alice Ellis and died in Brookline on March 16, 1903.


Elen Louisa Shackford (1842-1843) – daughter of Charles and Charlottte, died in Boston

Clara Bartlett Shackford (1847-1851)

Alice M Shackford (1849-1932) – married Edward E Ellis; lived in Boston, Gloucester, and Brookline

Charles Chauncy Shackford (1852-1931) – married Flora Adelaide Wood; worked as a leather salesman, lived in Boston and Los Angeles

Martha Bartlett Shackford (1855-1932) – married Gram Curtis; lived in Brooklyn, New Castle, and Swarthmore

Lucy Bartlett Shackford (1857-1934) – married Charles Edward Payn Babcock; lived in Ithaca and Buffalo.

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