Obituary of Mrs Lucy Marie (Shackford) Davis (1850-1929) of Conway, New Hampshire (Blog 492)

MRS LUCY SHACKFORD DAVIS, The Reporter (North Conway, New Hampshire), 20 June 1929; digital images, LUCY SHACKFORD DAVIS
Nearly fourscore years ago a little
girl was welcomed to a home of love
and comfort near Conway village. It
would seem as if good faries smiled
upon her coming, for she was en-
dowed with talent, charm, intelligence
and health. The gift of making
friends and the power to hold them
fast were given her, and th eunder-
standing heart that could feel sympa-
thy and offer comfort. Friends clus-
tered around her and fortune gave its
benefits. Fewer griefs were hers
than usually fall to the lot of humans.
Her devoted family of children, grand-
children and husband was intact and
her interest in life unabated. Last
Thursday that singularly fortunate
and happy life was rounded out and
she went as each of us might hope
to go; without pain or suffering or
the dread of the inevitable which
must be always with the hopeless
invalid who is under sentence of death.
The little girl was the daughter of
Major Samuel Shackford and his wife,
Lydia Pendexter who lived on the
West Side on the farm now owned
and occupied by G. A. Taylor. When
the daughter, Lucy was a maiden in
her teens the family moved to Con-
way Village and occupied the place
which has veer since beeh home to the
lady whose mortal remains were car-
ried from there last Sunday by loving
hands and taken to their last resting
place in the family lot in the West
Side cemetery.
Fifty-three years ago when twenty-
five years of age Miss Shackford mar-
ried Frank W. Davis of Conway.
Three chidlren, Philip S., Ruth now
the wife of Dr. B. F Horne, and
Maidee, now Mrs. Glen Rich of Port-
land came to them. Eight grand-
children have shared the love and
interest of Mrs. Davis whose death
causes the first break in the family.
She was a charter member of the Con-
way Woman’s Club and has always
been much interested in its activities
and helpful in its work. She was a
regular attendant of the Congrega-
tional Church and aided its undertak-
ing; and was anxious for the general
good. Funeral services were held at
her home on Washington Street, Sun-
day afternoon and were conducted by
Rev. Alfred Hillman of Pembroke,
assisted by Rev. Charles Moorehouse of
Conway. The services were very
simple as her loved ones knew she
would have wished. A prayer was
said over the casket which was buried
in flowers and a poem “The Great
Adventure” writen by Mrs. Horne
was read by Mr. Hillman.
Her death occurred as she was a pre-
paring for a trip to Portland to visit
her son-in-law, Dr. B. F. Horne in the
Maine General Hospital. She was
found in her room unconscious and
died in a few moments.


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