Charles W M Shackford’s Music

Charles W M Shackford, a well known baritone singer published his creative songs between and 1891 and 1910.   It was not uncommon for a newspaper in the early 1900s to include a question asking what popular piece of music was recently published by Charles Shackford.   We’re trying to document a list of the music he wrote in one place and add links to copies of the music or blogs written about these pieces.

Asleep at the Switch (1897)

The Belle of Beauty Row (1897) – no copies found

Daisy, Bloomers, Wheel and All (1895)

Dancing With the Girl You Love (1896)

The Dear Girl Next Door (1894)

Does Little Willie Want It? (1895)

Do not forget me Sweetheart (1897)

Do You Think of Mother Sitting By the Fireside All Alone? (1894)

Don’t Speak of Her Faults (1899)

Down By the Congo (1903)

The Face in the Firelight (1902)

I’d Like To But I’m Fraid (1896)

If All the World Were Mine (1907)

I Love You More and More (1895)

The Girl I Loved all Summer (1897)

The Golden Summer’s Gone (1906)

Granpa’s Story (1894) – can not find a copy – mentioned in Indianapolis Journal, 8 August 1895

Happy Days in Dixie: A Song in Ebony by Kerry Mills and Charles Shackford (1897)

I Love Your More and More (????)  mentioned in Boston Sunday Globe, 6 Nov 1898

Jack Jack Won’t You Come Back (1897)

Just at the Close of the Day (1907) – sheet music being sold on e-Bay

Just at the Turn of the Tide (1901)

The Kind of Girl to Love (1897)

Last Night Dear Heart (1900)

Let Bygones Be Bygones (1897)

Love Will Find A Way (1900)

Love Your More and More (????) – mentioned in Indianapolis Journal, 8 August 1895

Marie A Love Ballad (1907)

Modern Century Girl (1896 or 1898)

My Mary Carey (1898)

My Star My Queen (????) – mentioned in Indianapolis Journal, 8 August 1895 — cannot find a copy

Nancy and the Shark (1896)

One Smile From Her (1896)

Only A Little Yaller Coon (1896)

The Palace of Weary Nights (1904) words by Arthur J Lamb, music by Chas Shackford

The Prettiest Girl in the Block (1896)

Say You’re Mine, Sadie McIntyre ???? mentioned in Boston Sunday Globe, 6 Nov 1898

The Sea is My Sweetheart (1905)

The Secret in my Heart (1905)

The Shadows on the Hearth (1904) – advertised on eBay

One Smile From Her (1896)

Somebody Else (1903?) – mentioned in Boston Sunday Globe, 6 Nov 1898

The Songs of Other Days (1903)

Sunlight and Shadows (1891)

Sweet Bird of Song (1896) – cover says words by Chas Schackford but first page of the song says Words by C. SHACKFORD – sheet music being sold on eBay for $26.98, also on GoogleBooks, The Etude, Vol 20, No 2, Feb 1902

Sweetheart the Time Will Come (1897/1898)

The Kind of a Girl to Love (1897)

The Old Tattered Flag (before Aug 1894)

Take Me Back to Dixie (1906)

There’s a Baby in the House (1896)

Thoughts; ballad  (1903) – words by Chas Shackford, music by Carlotta Williamson

The Thompson Street Cadets (1896)

When Two Hearts are One (1901)

Without You the World Don’t Seem the Same (1910)

You Can’t Forget the Old Love (1899)

You’ll Miss that Smile Someday (July 1899)