Sunday’s Obituary – Mrs Esther A (Shackford) MacDonald Dies Six Months After Marriage (Blog 333)

Ester A MacDonald, known as Essie was the daughter of William Wallace and Pamelia Shackford.  She was born Nov 10, 1866 in Paterson, New Jersey and grew up to become a very popular elocutionist and teacher at the Baptist Church.  On Feb 3, 1892 she married Angus MacDonald, a brother of John MacDonald, a Paterson Alderman.  Unfortunately she died of a hemorrhage about six months after her marriage.

MRS. ANGUS MACDONALD DEAD, The Call (Paterson, New Jersey), 25 July 1892


She Dies Suddenly After a Number of

The friends of Mrs. Angus Macdonald
nee Shackford, will be shocked to
hear of her death, which occurred sud-
denly yesterday morning. Mrs. Macdon-
ald had been suffering for some time with
hemorrhages and had been attended by
r Parke. On Saturday she had a bad
one, and in order to prevent the recur-
rence he performed an operation, first
putting his patient under the influence of
ether. The operation was not successful,
and during the night Mrs. Macdonald had
another hemorrhage. Dr. Parke was
called at midnight and found her very
weak from the loss of blood. e put
her under ether, which eased her
sufferings. About 8 o’clock yesterday
morning Mr. Macdonald noticed that his
wife was deathly pale, and thinking some-
thing was the matter rushed to Dr. Mack-
intosh’s office, at the corner of Park ave-
nue and Straight street. The doctor
hastened to the residence of the family on
Ramage avenue, but he was too late.
Mrs. MacDonald had expired.
The death was an awful shock to the
young husband, who was devoted to his
wife, as it was also to her many friends,
for Mrs. Macdonald was known through-
out the city. She was a finished
elocutionist, and Patersonians de-
lighted to hear her. Of late she
has appeared very little in public.
The deceased was a member of the
First Baptist church and for many eyars
was one of the leading mainstays of the
Park avenue Baptist Sunday school,
where she taught a class for eight years.
She had only been married about six
months. Her husband is employed in the
post office.

Ester’s funeral took place at her families home and then according to the Paterson Evening News, twenty coaches filled with mourners followed her remains to the Laurel Grove Cemetery.


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