Military Monday – Headstone for Nathaniel H Shackford (1801-1877) (Blog 437)

The application for Nathaniel H Shackford’s headstone reads:

N H Shackford Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1861-1904Shackford N H
Pvt Co B Regt 21
Mass Infy
City or Town Fitchburg
County and State Worcester Mass
Date of death Mch 14-1877
by Sheldon & Sons
Contract dated July 8-1887

Nathaniel’s military record shows he enlisted in the 28th Regiment, Massachusetts, Infantry Co B in Worcester, Massachusetts on Oct 9, 1861, mustered in the military on 12/13/1861 and was discharged for disability on 1/20/1862.  We believe he lied about his age stating he was 41 when he was actually 60 years old which made it difficult to place him amid the Shackford family tree due to the age discrepancy.

Nathaniel, the son of Theodore and Dorothy (Kimball) Shackford was born July 22, 1801 in Chester, New Hampshire and married Abigail Bailey in Pembroke on Feb 20, 1823.  He’s mentioned in his father’s will which was written in 1837 and is found in the 1850 census with wife Abigail and children Mary (22), Charlotte (15), Charles H (11), and Ellen (7).

We suspect the marriage with Abigail ended before 1855 as we find Nathaniel living alone in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in 1855 and find Abby Shackford living with some of her children in Pembroke in 1860 where she is working as a boarding housekeeper.  Also by 1858, Nathaniel is pursuing custody of his son Albert Eugene Shackford from his wife Emeline Shackford in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Nathaniel and Emeline must have worked things out as they are found together in the 1860 and 1865, and 1870 censuses and had two other children Elmer Ellsworth Shackford born in 1862 and Charles Hiram Shackford born in 1867.  They lived at multiple other residences – 46 Blossom St, Laurel St, 9 Mill St, 10 Mill St, and 7 Newton Place before Nathaniel died in Fitchburg on March 14, 1877 at the age of 75.  He was buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel’s wife Emeline filed for a widow’s pension on Feb 28, 1885.  She lived in Fitchburg and Leominister where she died on Nov 7, 1895.


(with Abigail Bailey)

Mary Bailey Shackford (1827-1904) – married Charles Runlett Emerson

Leonard Shackford (1830-1899) – policeman in Cambridge, Mass., married Lydia L Gove

Betsy Shackford (1831-1832)

Theodore Bailey Shackford (1833-1907) – omnibus conductor in Cambridge, married Melvina Grant, Almira, and Sarah Jane Hooper

Charlotte Jane Shackford (1834-1887) – married Nathaniel Chapman

Charles Henry Shackford (1838-1911) – Teamster, Boston, married Minerva E Dow

Ellen Shackford (1843-1926) – married John Gilman Bartlett

(with Emeline E (Lovering) Bliss)

Albert Eugene Shackford (1857-1905) – moved to Rutland, Vermont, worked in a mill, toy factory, life insurance agent, married Betsey Jane Sparks

Elmer Ellsworth Shackford (1862-1938) – train conductor, railroad manager.  Moved to Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, and Indiana.  Married Elmira Isabelle (Holman) Shackford, his brother’s widow

Charles Hiram Shackford (1867-1887) – married Elmira Isabelle Shackford, died of typhoid fever age 19

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Tuesday’s Tip – Newpaper Article Tells Us Details about Charles H Shackford (Blog 321a)

We LOVE newspaper articles because we learn details about a person or family that we wouldn’t find in a vital record.

For example this notice appeared in the The Fitchburg Sentinel on June 28, 1883:

Fitchburg Sentinel Jun 18 1883 Emeline Shackford liberated Son CharlesLiberation Notice
I this day give my son, Charles H. Shackford, the time during the remainder of his minority, and I shall neither claim any of his wages or pay any debts of his contracting after this date.
Fitchburg, June 27, 1883 je27 st

From vital records, we know that Charles, the youngest son of Nathaniel and Emeline (Lovering) Shackford was born on June 13, 1867 and was ten when his father died on March 14, 1877.  Charles’ oldest brother Albert married in 1879 and had moved to Vermont and elder brother Elmer had moved to Boston and was working on the railroad.

In 1883 when this liberation notice was published, Charles was 16, the only child living at home with a widowed mother and was working at the Simonda Manufacturing, a company which made saws and machine knives.  He was boarding with his mother at 5 Green street in Fitchburg, Mass. By 1885 he was still employed at Simonda Manufacturing and mother and son were living at 115 Myrtle in Fitchburg.

Without the newspaper article we wouldn’t know this aspect of the relationship between Charles and his mother.  We don’t know who initiated the Liberation Notice – perhaps Charles wanted to ensure he kept his salary or his mother wanted to ensure she didn’t inherit his debts or this was some sort of requirement for young employees.

We do know that Charles married Elmira Isabelle Holman in Keene, New Hampshire on May 17, 1886 and died of typhoid fever nine months later on Feb 14, 1887.

Charles was only 19 years old, had been working since he was at least 16, had probably been supporting his mother, and had a new wife. He was buried in Keene with a very nice gravestone.

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Amanuensis Monday – In 1858, Nathaniel Shackford of Pembroke Asks For Custody of His Son Albert Eugene Shackford (Blog 321)

On November 18, 1858, Nathaniel Shackford of Pembroke, New Hampshire told the Worcester County court that he was the father of Albert Eugene Shackford who was being kept at the Nashua House on Lincoln Street in Worcester by his wife Emeline E (Lovering) Shackford.

Nathaniel Shackford Asks for Custody of his Son Albert Eugene ShackfordTo the Hon Henry Chapin Judge of
Probate and Insolvency within and for the County of Worcester
Respectfully compains
That Nathaniel Shackford
of Pembroke in the State of New Hampshire
that he is the father of a child of the name
of Albert Eugene Shackford that said child is of
the age of twenty one months; that said child
is unlawfully restrained of its liberty and kept
from the custody of him the said Nathaniel
Shackford by Emmeline E. Shackford wife of
said Nathaniel Shackford and mother of said
child at the Nashua House (so called) on Lincoln
Street in said Worcester, that the said Nathaniel
Shackford is of sufficient ability to support
said child & is anxious so to do but is unable
to obtain the custody of said child he being
restrained by said Emmelline E Shackford –
and the complaintaint further says that the
said Emmeline E. Shackford is not a proper
person to have the control and custody of
said child – Wherefore he prays that a write
of habeas corpus may be issued to bring the
the body of said Albert Eugene Shackford before
your Honor and to summon said Emmeline
E Shackford to appear to show the cause of
detaining said Albert E Shackford from the
custody of said Nathaniel Shackford,
Worcester Nov 18 1858 Nathaniel Shackford
Subscribed & Sworn to before me
Admin Mazer
Justice of the Peace
Let a writ issue
returnable at the
probate office fortwith

The Judge Henry Chapin required Emeline to bring her son Albert to the court and issued a decision that custody of Albert E Shackford shall be bestowed to Emeline E Shackford, the mother.

The Lowell Daily Citizen published an article on Nov 23, 1858 related to this case with a blunt statement stating that the suit disclosed that Nathaniel was a common drunkard.  Two years later Nathaniel enlisted as a Private into the 28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry stating he was 41 years old (we believe he was 60) and was discharged for disability three months later on Dec 13, 1861.  He then reunited with Emeline and had two sons, Elmer Ellsworth Shackford born Sept 1862 and Charles H Shackford born June 1867.  After Nathaniel died in 1877 Emeline filed for a pension and was listed in many directories as the widow of Nathaniel H Shackford.

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Sunday’s Obituary – Mrs Emeline (Lovering) (Bliss) Shackford (1832-1895) (Blog 320)

We’ve found a wonderful obituary for Emeline E Lovering Shackford from which we learn her husband’s name (Nathaniel), that she was a widow, her cause of death (dropsy), the address she lived at when she died, the names of her parents (Hiram and Annie (Pettey) Lovering), the name of her first husband (William Bliss), that she had a son by her first husband who is still living (George W Bliss, who we had presumed was dead as he did not seem to live with her after 1855), the names of two sons with Nathaniel Shackford who are living (Albert and Elmer Shackford), the name of a living brother (Silas M Lovering), and that she has three living sisters (names not provided).


Death Notice Mrs Emeline Shackford widow of Nathaniel Shackford Fitchburg Sentinel 7 Nov 1895– Mrs. Emeline E., widow of Nathan-
iel Shackford, died of dropsy at her
home, 54 Clinton street, at about 5:30
this morning. She was a native
of Townshend, Vt., and was of a
family of 10 children of Hiram and
Annie (Pettey) Lovering. She came to
Fitchburg with her parents 46 years ago,
and has since resided here. She was
twice married. Her first husband was
William Bliss, by whom she had one
son, George W. Bliss, a resident of Brat-
tleboro; she leaves two other sons, Albert
and Elmer Shackford, the latter of whom
resides at Houston, Tex. She also leaves
one brother, Silas M. Lovering of this
city, and three sisters.

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“Local Matters,” Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts), 7 November 1895, Obituary – Emeline E Shackford, widow of Nathaniel; digital images, ( : accessed 25 August 2015).

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