On Veteran’s Day We Recognize 77 Shackford’s Who Served in the Military (Blog 384)

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We know of seventy seven SHACKFORD descendants of the immigrant William Shackford who served in the military. We’d love to hear about any details of the military service of these or other Shackford veterans who may be missing from this list.  (Note: We do not write about living Shackfords unless they give permission or comment directly on the WEB page)

ABNER R SHACKFORD  (1827-1900) – 11th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Co K

ALONZO C SHACKFORD (1879-1947) – 23rd Infantry in China, 1916, WWI, Pvt 24th Infantry, Sgt QMC 328th, at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1920

BARTLETT CHAUNCY SHACKFORD (1895-1984) – Naval Reserve 1937, served Dec 17, 1941 to March 19, 1946 – gravestone says also served in WWI

CARY RICHARD SHACKFORD (1941-2017) – per his obituary, he was an US Army Veteran, discharged in 1965

CHARLES ALBERT SHACKFORD (1848-1903) – 61st Regiment, Illinois Infantry, survived Andersonville Prison Camp

CHARLES AUGUSTUS SHACKFORD (1922-2013) – son of Charles Augustus Shackford and Alice May Short enlisted at age 19 in Boston, Mass on June 27, 1942.

CHARLES BEACHAM SHACKFORD (1892-1939) – WWI, 151 Depot Brigade

CHARLES E SHACKFORD (1844-1897) – 17th Regiment, Maine Infantry

CHARLES FREDERICK SHACKFORD (1883-1965) – 2nd Lt, Fifteenth Regiment Infantry Regiment, commissioned July 22, 1919

CHARLES J SHACKFORD (1834-1894) – Sixth Regiment Infantry Co D, Lowell, April 7, 1857

CHARLES LEE SHACKFORD (1919-2006) – son of Charles Lee Shackford and Katherine Howard Gay enlisted on 31 August 1943 at age 24.  He served in Europe in the 16th Armored Division, was transferred to the 1st Infantry Division, saw duty in Bamberg, Hammelburg and Deggendorf.  He has living children.

CHAUNCEY SHACKFORD (1877-1964) – Spanish American War, Naval Aide under President Roosevelt, WWI Navy Cross Recipient, WWII, retired Naval Captain

CLARA LINCOLN SHACKFORD (1873-1958) – Red Cross Nurse – served France during WWI

CLYDE ERWIN SHACKFORD (1914-1992) – son of Foye Clayson Shackford and Emily Julia Hill enlisted at age 28 on June 30, 1943. He has living children.

DANIEL ROBERT SHACKFORD (1882-1926) – served on the crew of U. S. S. Louisiana 1907

DAVID SHACKFORD (1826-1862)- 8th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

EBEN LINCOLN SHACKFORD – (1842-1908) 1st Regiment, Maine Calvary Civil War

EDWARD SHACKFORD (1834-????) – 140th Regiment, New York Infantry

ELBRIDGE GARLAND SHACKFORD (1820-1893) – on 1850 rolls of Massachusetts Militia

FRANK ARTHUR SHACKFORD (1868-1935) – Enlisted April 29, 1898, served in Spanish American War

GEORGE CROSBY SHACKFORD (1903-1998) – civilian in the Army Corps of Engineers at Oak Ridge TN.  Has living children.

GILMAN SHACKFORD (1828-1864) – 8th Regiment, Maine Infantry, died of wounds, buried at Arlington, Civil War

GRANVILLE SHACKFORD (1840-1916) – Corp of Engineers (Regular Army)

HENRY FRANCIS SHACKFORD (1928-2006) – son of Henry David Shackford and Frances Riley enlisted at age 17 at Fort Banks, Boston, Massachusetts on Feb 7, 1946.

HIRAM SHACKFORD (1829-1892) – 1st Regiment, New Hampshire Heavy Artillery, Civil War

HORATIO H SHACKFORD (1834-1901) – 18th Regiment, New Hampshire Infantry, Civil War

JAMES ATKINS SHACKFORD (1912-1957), son of John Walter Shackford and Love Branner Atkins enlisted at the age of 30 on January 17, 1942.  From his obituary we know that he served as a chaplain and then as editor-in-chief in the Army’s Atlanta headquarters., WWII

JOANNE SHACKFORD PARKES (living) – served 26 years in the USAF retiring in 2006 as a LtCol.  Served as a Medical Support Squadron Commander in Japan and Korea

JOHN SHACKFORD (abt 1678-1738) – Served in 1708 in Her Majesty’s Fort William and Mary in the Province of New Hampshire

JOHN SHACKFORD (abt 1698-1786) – Served in Expedition against the French Forts in 1755

JOHN SHACKFORD (1753-1840) – enlisted July 17, 1775.   When John Shackford died in Eastport, Maine, the New York Spectator published his obituary stating that he was a “soldier of the revolution, accompanied Arnold in his expedition to Quebec”, and was taken prisoner in that city.  It also said that his “discharge from the Army bore the signature of Washington and he treasured it as a precious relic.”

JOHN DOWNING SHACKFORD (1795-1844) – Served under Capt Jacob Dearborn in 1814

JOHN E SHACKFORD (1825-1873) – 3rd Regiment, Missouri Infantry, Civil War

JOHN TYLER SHACKFORD (1841-1910) – 44th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Civil War

JOSEPH AARON SHACKFORD (1919-2003) – son of Jessie Elmer Shackford and Pauline Hurd. enlisted at age 22 in Manchester, New Hampshire on April 2, 1941., WWII

JOSHUA C SHACKFORD (1840-1917) – US Navy – served aboard USS Iroquois

JOSIAH SHACKFORD (1747-1829)  – Josiah served as a 3rd Lieutenant on the “Raleigh” in 1776.

LESLIE THEODORE SHACKFORD (1913-1968) – son of Edwin Augusta Shackford and Bessie Littlefield enlisted at age of 28 in Manchester, NH on Jan 27, 1942. WWII

LESTER BORDON SHACKFORD (1893-1971) – he enlisted May 27, 1919, per gravestone served as Hospital Sgt, US Army, WWI

LEVI SHACKFORD (1766-1833) – Kilby’s Eastport and Passamaquoddy: A Collection of Historical and Background Sketches states that Levi who was a brother of John, was wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill, however, we can not find any other documentation of this and based on Levi’s death record he was 67 when he died in 1833 and therefore would have been about eight years old when the battle of Bunker Hill occurred.

LOREN BROUGHTON SHACKFORD (1920-1984) – Enlisted May 27, 1942, served aboard the U.S.S. Salamonie

MOSES AUSTIN CARTLAND SHACKFORD (1873-1944) – served Aug 1900 at Fort Douglas, Utah

NATHANIEL H SHACKFORD (1801-1877) – 28th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

NATHANIEL SHACKFORD (1826-1920) – 12th Regiment, New Hampshire Infantry

NATHANIEL SHACKFORD  (1836-1899) – 6th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

OTIS HENRY SHACKFORD – 60th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

PAUL SHACKFORD (1702-1786) – A Miss Maria Louise Grouard references Paul Shackford in her Daughters of the American Revolution application stating that “Paul Shackford, who had served in the early wars, was a patriot of the Revolution. He was born in Portsmouth, N.H.; died in 1787 in Newburyport, Mass.”  The Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War states that he was a Private in Capt Tobias Lord’s Co, marching Jan 29, 1776 and that he served for 9 months and 28 days defending the seacoast at Falmouth.

PAUL SHACKFORD (abt 1720-????) – served 1755-1760 in French-Indian War

PAUL SHACKFORD (abt 1750-abt 1840) -Appears with rank of Private on Muster and Pay Roll of Capt Tobias Lords York Co

RICHARD LEWIS SHACKFORD (1914-1974) – son of Irwin Lewis Shackford and Annette Mabel Parsons enlisted at age 27 in Springfield, Mass on August 7, 1942. WWII

RICHMOND IRVING SHACKFORD (1925-1997), son of Richmond I Shackford and Josephine E Severance enlisted at age 18 on January 13, 1944. WWII

ROBERT LEWELLYN SHACKFORD (1926-2010) – served about 1945 in Navy Seabees, also the USAF Reserves, WWII

ROBERT SMITH SHACKFORD (1916-2008) – son of Robert Smith Shackford and Carolyn Hildegard Payne enlisted at age 26 in Los Angeles, California on April 10, 1943, WWII

ROBERT WALTON SHACKFORD (1918-1987) – World War II Ace, a VF-2 F6F pilot, buried at Fort Rosencrans National Cemetery, San Diego

ROLAND ALFRED SHACKFORD (1901-1961) – enlisted Nov 9, 1919, stationed in Niedermendig, Germany

SAMUEL SHACKFORD (1728-1812) – Mrs Martha Shackford Meserve Jordan references Samuel Shackford in her Daughters of the American Revolution application stating that he served in the Burgoyne and Rhode Island Campaigns.  Also John Shackford Meserve mentions that he served in Langdon’s New Hampshire Light Horse Volunteers. His service is also documented in the American Series of Popular Biographies. We also know that on April 12, 1776, he signed the Declaration by the Inhabitants of New Hampshire.

SAMUEL SHACKFORD (1761-1844) – Samuel Shackford of Sanford received a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the June 1, 1840 York County list of Pensioners where he is recorded as living with his son Christopher Shackford. His gravestone is visible at FindAGrave, Memorial# 41683165.

SAMUEL SHACKFORD (1840-1909) – 1st Regiment1840-19 California Calvary

SAMUEL ADAMS SHACKFORD (1810-1864) – Commissioned by Gov. Edward Everett brigade inspector, First Brigade, Fourth Division, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia

SAMUEL BURNHAM SHACKFORD (1888-1949) – enlisted in Pennsylvania on May 18, 1917, WWI

SAMUEL GARLAND SHACKFORD (1818-1885) – 8th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Company G, Civil War

SETH RING SHACKFORD (1754-1777) – Private Seth Ring Shackford was killed in action at Saratoga on October 7, 1777. American Revolution

SILAS THAYER SHACKFORD (1843-1880)- 44th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Civil War

SUMNER SHACKFORD (1737-????) – served 1756 on Capt. Beniah Youngs’ Company on the late Crown Point Expedition

THEODORE SHACKFORD (1842-1920)- 5th Regiment, Maine Infantry, Civil War

THOMAS LEON SHACKFORD (1892-1959) – enlisted in Marine Corp May 27, 1917, commissioned Dec 16, 1918, discharged about Jan 20, 1920, has living children

WALTER EMORY SHACKFORD (1847-1865) – 5th Regiment, Virginia Calvary.  Mortally wounded April 1, 1865 at Five Forks, Virginia

WALTER HAROLD SHACKFORD (1874-1937) – served in US Army 1894-1897

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (abt 1641-1720) – soldier in the militia, called Captain, fought Indians at Breakfast Hill

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (1706-1773) – Invasion of Canda 1746, Capt at Fort Drumner 1750

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (1753-????) – Private Wm Shackford marched with Capt Moses Nowell (Newell?) from Newburyport, April 19, 1775 against the British troops.  The Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War also documents that he served in Capt Ezra Lunt’s company, Col Moses Litttle’s regiment.

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (1830-1900) – Served 1864-1865 aboard USS Home, Nahant,

WILLIAM SHACKFORD (1834-1887)- 4th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

WILLIAM BROWN SHACKFORD (1812-1866) – 1st Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry

WILLIAM GARDNER SHACKFORD (1840-1907) – US Navy 1864, Acting Ensign aboard USS Savanah and  USS Maumee

WILLIAM WALLACE SHACKFORD (1826-1902) – 15th Regiment, New Jersey Infantry

WILLIAM WALLACE SHACKFORD (1897-1973) – Georgia Sgt US Army World War I

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Sunday’s Obituary – The Charles J Shackford Who Died While Sitting in a Chair in 1894 was 60, not 78 (Blog 380)

The Boston Daily Globe reported the death of Charles J Shackford on 22 Dec 1894 as follows:

death-notice-charles-j-shackford-boston-daily-globe-dec-22-1894Charles J. Shackford of 21 Ireson av
died while sitting in a chair at that
place yesterday, from a complication of
diseases. Mr Shackford had resided in
Lynn about 18 years, and was 78 years
of age. He leaves a wife and two

We reviewed death records to learn more about this Charles and found Charles J Shackford, a shoemaker who  died in Lynn on December 21, 1894.  The death record lists him as 60 years, 1 month, and 17 days with cause of death listed as apoplexy  The death record lists his parents as Isiah and Mary Garland.

This Charles J Shackford is most likely the son of Josiah R Shackford and Mary Louise Garland born in Barnstead, New Hampshire on November 4, 1834.  We find him in the 1850 census living with his parents and siblings Sylvanus, George W, Hannah, and Frances H A. (We’ve previously written about Samuel Garland Shackford and Elbridge Garland Shackford)

Charles is found next serving with the Sixth Regiment Infantry in Lowell as a 3rd Lieutenant on April 7, 1857.  On December 25, 1858 he married Sarah A King, the daughter of William and Olive (Place) King and  in 1860 was living with his parents and wife in Barnstead.

We find no record of Charles during the civil war or in the 1870 census but find him living at 5 Pearl Street in Lynn as a shoemaker in 1878.  In 1880 we find the family now with two children, Ellita P, age 13 and Lillia A, age 6 in Lowell.  While Charles has been an unemployed shoemaker for three months, the family is earning a living running a large boarding house with eleven boarders.   Jobs must have been scarce in 1880 as most of the boarders are also unemployed shoemakers.

The family remained in Lynn moving frequently living at 202 Essex, 208 Essex, 420 Essex, and 21 Ireson until Charles’ death on December 21, 1894.  He was buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn.  Sarah remained at 21 Irelson and in 1900 was sharing the home with her two daughters, their husbands, and a granddaughter.  In 1910 she was living with one daughter, and two grandchildren. She died at 21 Ireson on August 2, 1913 and was also buried at the Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn.


Ellita P Shackford (1867-1938) – married Edward Martin McElkinney

Lila Adella Shackford (1873-1944) – married Edwin Clayton Macomber

Sarah may have had more children as the 1900 census states that Sarah had 4 children and 2 living

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at http://www.facebook.com/shackfordgenealogy) as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


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Treasure Chest Thursday – Notre Dame Hesburgh Special Collections’ Civil War Letters Written by Samuel Garland Shackford to His Daughter’s Caretaker (Blog 368)

About three years ago, on October 7, 2013 we wrote an article sharing the Army Widow Pension card for Samuel G. Shackford’s 2nd wife Esta (Higgins Shackford).  In that article we stated that we had discovered that Samuel had written letters to his daughter during the civil war and “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get to read” these letters.

university-of-notre-dame-hesburg-libraryWell this week, we  visited the beautiful Notre Dame campus where we felt honored to be able to review the letters that Samuel Garland Shackford sent home to his daughter Ida during the civil war.  We not only found the letters but were extremely pleased to discover that they had been used by a Notre Dame student who wrote a a senior thesis paper describing the historical value and her wonderful perspectives of these letters!  Her paper provided an excellent context to the letters and describes some history regarding Samuel that is new to us.

We quickly scanned some of the letters as we copied them and discovered that Samuel put a date on each letter and described his location so we will able to show this on a map at a later date.  He also described his work at a hospital and shared the health status of the other member of the Huse family and himself.  He asked about his daughter Ida and as the war progressed had to sort out payment for her care and sent her some silk.  He also described his sadness and loss of hope regarding remarrying because the women in the community who he had hoped to possibly marry were becoming unavailable. The files also included a letter from the women he did marry – Esta Higgens which was sent to another member of the Huse family where she asks how Mr Shackford is doing.

We wish to thank the Huse family for saving these precious letters, those who kept them preserved, the Hesburgh library for purchasing this wonderful collection, those who created the wonderful findings aid and for ensuring that their finding aids are discoverable on a Google Search.

We had called ahead of our visit to ensure the documents were available and were impressed at the professionalism of James Cachey and Deborah Dochuck who had the documents pulled before our arrival.  The library had nearby sinks for handwashing and lockers for storing briefcases right at the front entrance of the library and had established a document viewing area that was private but yet was set up to allow oversight of the patrons viewing documents.  Their focus of preservation of historical documents will ensure that others can see these precious documents!

We were allowed to photograph the files and historic letters and will be transcribing them as time permits.  Note:  We ve created over 15,000 images of Shackford family history documents during the past few months and when we return home our first goal is to develop a plan of prioritizing the review and transcription of these wonderful treasures. And before sharing anything beyond our transcriptions, we’ll need to garner permission from the library!

So more about these letters someday in the future!

Sunday’s Obituary – Samuel Garland Shackford, Civil War Veteran (1818-1886) (Blog 367)

The Farmington News published this short obituary about Samuel G Shackford on October 23, 1885

Farmington News, 23 Oct 1885

Samuel G. Shackford, a veteran of
the late war, for many years a hotel
keeper in Dover and Barnstead, and for
some time leader of the Barnstead brass
band, died on the 9th inst., at his home
in Barnstead.


Samuel, the son of Josiah Ring and Mary Louise (Garland) Shackford was born January 30, 1818 in Barnstead, New Hampshire and married Margaret Bean Foss, the daughter of John and Alice (Nutter) Foss.  We find the family in Barnstead in the 1850 and 1860 census with Samuel’s occupation listed as shoemaker and innkeeper.

Margaret died on July 8, 1859 at the age of 43 leaving Samuel with four young children Albert Foss (age 13), William Henry (age 10), Mary Ann (age 7), Leonard S (had died in 1856), and Ida Jane (age 2).  He enlisted as a private on November 30, 1861 leaving some of his children with the Huse family.  He served with the 8th New Hampshire which was sent to New Orleans and Baton Rouge where he served with members of the Huse family.  Samuel mustered out of the military on January 18, 1865 and was serving as a Justice in Barnstead later that year. We find records of him running stables in 1868 and 1870, working as an innkeeper in 1870 living with his children who are either in school or working in a shoe factory.

On Dec 19, 1872 he married Esta L Higgins, the daughter of Joseph and Betsey (Hamor) Higgins and on April 30, 1877 he filed for a civil war pension.  By 1880 he was living with his son William who was also listed as the hotel keeper but Samuel who was now 62 was suffering from rheumatism.  He died from chronic rheumatism and pneumonia on October 9, 1885 and was buried in the Barnstead Centre Graveyard.

Children (with his first wife Margaret Bean Foss):

Albert Foss Shackford (1836-1927) – married Helena Augusta Huntress, worked as town clerk, post office, and as a shoemaker

William Henry Shackford (1849-1899) – married Margaret Augusta Smart, worked as innkeeper

Mary Ann Shackford (1852-1931) – married Lyman Jenkins,

Leonard Shackford (1855-1856)

Ida Jane Shackford (1857-1929) – married Frank Elmer Palmer



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