My DNA Matches Eight Shackford Descendents – will other Shackford Descendents Test to Increase the Knowledge of Shackford Ancestors? (Blog 487)

About a year ago I took an Ancestry DNA test and had 68 Shared Ancestor Hints and 667 4th cousins or closer and was in 8 DNA Circles.  DNA Story Ancestry JoanneIn one year, these numbers have increased significantly! As of Jan 1, 2019, I have 94 Shared Ancestor Hints and 972 4th cousins or closer, and 13 DNA Circles.  I’ve corresponded with many of  the descendents of my shared Ancestors and shared the information I’ve gathered about these shared ancestors.  In some cases, folks have graciously shared copies of photos and newspaper articles that they have inherited about these shared ancestors.

In the past month I’ve focused on my shared SHACKFORD ancestors who I found by clicking on the 972 4th cousins or closer box, then entering Shackford into the Search Matches box, then researching their shared matches.  I wrote to those who have private family trees — some responded, others didn’t and also reviewed and flushed out some the trees of those with whom I share DNA until I found the shared ancestor.

Here’s the DNA connections with seven different Shackford descendents that I found (names deleted to keep their privacy).   I thank them for sharing their DNA with Ancestry or Family Tree DNA and for corresponding with me as we jointly tried to find the ancestral links.

My hope is that over time, these individuals and or other Shackford descendents will share their DNA with My Heritage, FamilyTree DNA, or GEDMATCH so that we can determine which chromosomes are shared amid Shackford ancestors and jointly learn more about this family history.

My DNA Matches

1. 2018 Dec 30, XXXX XXXXX 2,468 centimorgans shared across 63 DNA segments, MY SISTER

2. 2018 Dec 30, XXXXX XXXXX, FTDNA match of 50 cm, 10 cm longest segment WILLIAM SHACKFORD & MERCY ROSE via daughter Emeline Shackford m Peter Cushing [my ancestor WILLIAM BROWN SHACKFORD] FOURTH COUSIN (Larger DNA matches on chromosomes 3, 13, and 21)

3. 2018 Dec 20, XXXXX XXXX, 30.0 centimorgans shared across 1 DNA segment SAMUEL SHACKFORD & MARY COOMBS via daughter Susannah Shackford m Joseph Connick, [my ancestor LEVI SHACKFORD], SIXTH COUSIN

4. 2018 Dec 21, XXXX XXXX, 19.5 centimorgans shared across 2 DNA segments, SAMUEL SHACKFORD & MARY COOMBS via daughter Susannah Shackford m Joseph Connick [my ancestor LEVI SHACKFORD], SIXTH COUSIN ONCE REMOVED

5. 2018 Dec 21, XXXXXX, 11.0 centimorgans shared across 1 DNA segment, SAMUEL SHACKFORD m MARY COOMBS via daughter Susannah Shackford m Joseph Connick to William Shackford Connick, [my ancestor LEVI SHACKFORD] SIXTH COUSIN

6. 2018 Jul 28, xxxxxxxx, 6.1 centimorgans shared across 1 DNA segment, JOSHUA SHACKFORD & ELIZABETH BARNES via son Paul Shackford [my ancestor SAMUEL SHACKFORD]l, SEVENTH COUSIN TWICE REMOVED, no shared matches [Note:  this is a very small DNA match so still verifying

7. 2018 Dec 20,  xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx, 12.0 centimorgans shared across 1 DNA segment, includes George Franklin Shackford, match at WILLIAM SHACKFORD and DEBORAH TRICKEY via Samuel Shackford [my ancestor JOSHUA SHACKFORD], 8th COUSIN

8. 2018 Dec 21, xxxxx xxxxx, 9.1 centimorgans shared across 1 DNA segment, WILLIAM SHACKFORD m DEBORAH TRICKEY via daughter Mary Shackford m Henry Nutter, [my ancestor JOSHUA SHACKFORD], EIGHTH COUSIN ONCE REMOVED

I’m hoping this blog might encourage other Shackford descendents to test their DNA.  I’d be glad to help others flush out their trees in these tools to maximize the matches.

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!

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Treasure Chest Thursday – The Will of Joshua Shackford (abt 1716-1772) (Blog 336)

We don’t know much about Joshua Shackford, the son of Samuel and Abigail (Richards) Shackford.  We believe he and his brothers William and John were baptized in Portsmouth on September, 1716 which puts his birth before that date.  He’s listed in his father’s will which was proved on March 11, 1731 and while he received Chester and Barrington rights, he married Lydia Lovejoy of Andover where the birth of two children, Samuel (who died young) and Lydia (who married Alexander Hodgdon) are recorded.

From his will, we learn that Joshua was a yeoman from Rochester, New Hampshire who now resided in Andover, Massachusetts Bay, left his wife Lydia his two cows, all his money, household goods, and furniture except his brass ketle, warming pan, & two chests which he left his daughter Lydia Hodgdon. He also mentioned a grandson Joshua Hodgdon of Rochester and appointed John Abbott of Andover to administrate his will.


Will of Joshua Shackford Essex County, MA Probate File Papers, 1638-1881, digital images, American Ancestors

In the Name of God. Amen I Joshua Shackford of Rochester in the Province of New Hampshire (now present in Andover in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Yeoman, Being Gifted with such bodily infirmities as gives me reason to think the time of my continuance in this life is but short and having some goods of Estate which I think ought to be disposed of in a different manner from what the Law will do in case I should die intestate, have thought fit while I am favored with the due exercise of my reason to make this my last will and Testament, whereby according to the Dictates of my confines I give and Dispose of the Same in the following manner, viz

1. ly
I Will that my Executor hereafter named give me a Decent Burial out of my Estate (at my Decease) and pay all my just Debts that may be Due, out of the same. I give to Lydia my Wife, my two Cows & all my money, notes of hand Book Accounts, household goods & furniture, all of  every Denomination, to be for her life and improvement & comfortable, Support, for and During the Term of her Natural Life, all the afore said Articles of every Denomination as above said I give to my said Wife as above Except & Excepting my Brass Kettle Warming Pan & Two Chests, which I give to my daughter Lydia Hodgdon of said Rochester.
3: ly It is my Will and I Do hereby Order, that if anything should remain which I have herein given to my afore said Wife after her Decease & her funeral charges paid, that the same be given to my Grandson Joshua Hodgdon of Rochester above said.
Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint John Abbott the third of Andover afore said Yeoman the Executor of this my last Will and Testament.

Testament allowing this and no other to be so. In
Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the
Thirty-first Day of July in the Eleventh Year of the Reigh
of our Sovereign Lord George the third of great Britain
France & Ireland King &c. Anno que Domini One Thousand
Seven hundred & seventy one.
Signed, Sealed and Declared by the
said Joshua Shackford to be his last
Will and Testament in Presence of
Asa Carlton
Peter Stewwing???
Benjamin Stevenson
Joshua Shackford



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