Tombstone Tuesday – Finding the Gravestone of Revolutionary War Veteran John Shackford in Eastport (Blog 350)

Eastport Cemetery DeerWe arrived in Eastport, Maine in the early afternoon and went to the Hillside Cemetery to see the Shackford gravestones starting with John Shackford, one of the first settlers of Eastport and an American Revolution veteran. Even though the cemetery was huge, we thought we’d find the Shackford gravestones by just walking up and down the many aisles but instead got focused on these cute little fawns.  While busily taking pictures of the fawns, we looked up and discovered the gravestone of John’s son, William, his first wife, and her children who died young.  John’s gravestone remained elusive.

So the next afternoon we headed over to the Eastport City Clerk’s office which we knew was responsible for the cemetery.  The city employees were most helpful and pulled the cemetery cards for John and other Shackford’s and a map.  We try to not carry paper in our small RV so they allowed us to take pictures of the documents.Map Eastport Cemetery

Cemetery Card John Shackford Eastport City Clerk

With the map, the section number, and the lot number, we were able to quickly find John’s gravestone.  The photo of John’s gravestone looks a bit awkward because the tombstone is tipped forward quite a bit instead of standing upright.

John Shackford Gravestone Eastport Hillside Cemetery
Gravestone John Shackford, Revolutionary War Veteran

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